Friday, June 22, 2012

Avery's Favorite Thing

Avery has a new favorite thing. I posted a video of her and Optimus enjoying it yesterday. Any guesses? It's her snack cup, seen here if you feel called to purchase one. And it reminds me that she is growing up. She loves it. I think it makes her feel like a big girl. I am in denial. She's still my little baby. She wants to take it everywhere. And screams in a very unladylike way when you try to take it from her. Here is a photo montage of her and her cup:

Here is her "O" face. It's a fan favorite. I had to include this for her Aunt Kristen :)

She doesn't only feed Optimus. She likes to feed Troy and me as well. Or anyone. She excels at sharing. She's advanced. You will have to excuse the gross morning self portraits of me.

Lets talk about one of my most favorite things in the whole world. Chunky babies. Specifically chunky baby appendages. More specifically, their hands. Look at these hands. I could just chew on her fingers. Look at the fat roll on her wrists. It looks like she is wearing rubber bands around them. Yum!

She has decided that she is too big to be fed. As in, during all meals, she doesn't like for Troy or me to feed her. At all. But, because she loves this cup so much, we are allowed to feed her out of the cup. I even have evidence:

I'll end this Avery love-fest on her sweet face.


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    1. I know...I'm sorry we're apart :( But as you can see, I am trying to make it seem as though you are still with us! Miss you lover!


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