Saturday, April 20, 2013

We are Having Triplets

You read that right. We are still processing this information, but if I think about it too much, I feel like I'm going to stroke out, so I try not to think about it. Too much. All the time.

But we have had time to process and evaluate and we are OVERJOYED! Overwhelmed about all of the planning and medical things we will face in the next 9 months, but excited about eventually coming home with our babies.

When last I left you, I had just been released from the hospital after a paracentesis. They were predicting that I would need to be drained again because Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome takes a long time to resolve (through the first trimester) and requires scheduled draining to maintain.

We found out during my followup from the paracentesis with my fertility doctor that we were expecting twins!! YES! Perfect. We didn't know if we wanted 2 or 3 children and the decision was made for us by God and we didn't have to go through fertility hell again. YAY!

I went back to Nellis for my follow up appointment with Women's Health and my next scheduled appointment with intervention radiology for another paracentesis. I was basically back to normal (only up 6 lbs from my original weight) and were able to determine that I did NOT need another paracentesis, much to their shock and surprise. They wanted to do an abdominal ultrasound to see if there were any hidden pockets of ascites (more fluid hiding) in my abdomen. The OB started the ultrasound and found a few very small pockets of fluid, but determined it was nothing to worry about.

Then she says: So, how far along are you?

Me: About six weeks, I think.

Doc: Oooooh fun! Ok, lets see if we can see anything in there!

At this point, a new airman entered the room to observe the ultrasound. She asked if it was ok to sit in, as she was new and trying to learn more about her job. Of course, I was cool with that.

Doc (still doing the abdominal ultrasound): Ooooh look! There's a sac! Ooooh and there's another one! Twins!

Me: Yeah, we found out a week ago. We're excited!

Doc: (pauses) Oh, wait a second. Do you mind if we switch to a vaginal ultrasound and get a better look?

Me (thinking nothing of it): Sure!! Maybe we can see heartbeats!

They leave the room for a few minutes while I "get ready."

They come back in and the airman is looking rather excited. I eye her suspiciously.

Doc: Ok, here are heartbeats on the 2 right here! AND LOOK! There's another baby right up there hiding at the top of your uterus!

Airman: OH. EM. GEE. You're my first set of triplets!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!

AAAAAAND you could hear a pin drop.

There was NO SOUND IN THE WORLD for about 27 seconds. That poor airman was NOT met with excitement, but absolute TERROR.

And then Troy opened his fat mouth.

Troy: So what you're SAYING is, we have to think of ANOTHER name? That's like, THE WORST part.

My mind started going to million miles a minute.

DAMN YOU AND YOUR 30 MILLION SPERM COUNT, TROY!!! DAMN YOU! Oh God. We just outgrew our house. And our car. Why is Troy in the military? We are SO far away from any family and are going to have no help. Maybe I can convince my mom to quit her job. She loves me right? Oh thank God Troy's in the military. We have health insurance. Do we need more cribs? How long is a gestational period for triplets? Am I going on bed rest soon? Poor Avery. She'll never understand. Oh God. I need to do some research in my journals about developmental delays and the NICU. I knew I should've taken that continuing education class about NICU stuff. I can't breastfeed 3 babies. How are we going to diaper that many kids? I'm gonna have to keep using cloth. SO MUCH POOP. My mom was right. Avery needs to be potty trained ASAP. And transitioned to her big girl room. ASAP. Thank God we paid off our cars and have NO debt. I need to work my butt off while I'm feeling good. I'm not going to be able to work for about 6 months between bed rest and the NICU and getting adjusted with triplets. TRIPLETS. Is this real life?

I blacked out during the rest of the ultrasound. No joke.

The next thing I remember is the doctor putting her hand on my knee and saying "hey, are you guys going to be okay?" Like TOTALLY dead serious. She could tell I was about to lose it. Absolutely lose it.

My mom was out in the waiting room with Avery when Troy and I came out with the ultrasound pictures. I handed them to her and said, "well, I'm glad we're going to the buffet for lunch because I'm eating for four." Like total deadpanned facial expression.

My mom grabbed the ultrasound and started jumping up and down, clapping like a seal at Sea World.

I was in complete shock. Complete and utter shock.


We have known for about 3 weeks now that it's triplets. And we have processed. And feeling SO much better. Avery is currently with my parents in South Carolina having a great time gardening, going to the park, playing in the humidity sprinklers, and eating like a queen. We sent her home with my parents last week after my sisters wedding. She will be staying with them for 2 months.

We decided that this was best for us right now because I can work my tail off while I'm feeling good, save on childcare expenses, and do some things around the house that would be harder/take longer with Avery here. Things like:

- Car shop
- Add another bedroom to our house
- Switch all her stuff OUT of the nursery to a big girl room
- have a yard sale
- Save money

My parents are THRILLED to have her and are doing some things that are making Troy and I VERY happy:

- transitioning her to a "big girl bed"
- potty training
- eating meals NOT in a high chair
- getting in and out of her car seat without help

I am currently 8.5 weeks pregnant. Is it early to be telling? YES!!! With Avery, we didn't announce until we knew that she was girl, we waited so long. But now? We would rather have your prayers, thoughts, advice, and support than worry about anything bad that COULD happen.

So here is where I leave you for now. I will be keeping you all updated very frequently as I will start having frequent appointments with the high risk doctor in a few weeks. I have another ultrasound next week! One of Troy's co-workers wife had triplets last month and he gave me her contact info. We spent almost 2 hours on the phone and I'm sure she will be a WONDERFUL source of support and advice.

While I know the overall tone of this email is somber, we are very excited about our family growing. We are feeling very blessed and our families have been SO supportive. We just have a lot to consider and plan for the unexpected while we can :)

Any advice or resources are VERY welcome. We love you all and will be talking to you soon.

The name of this blog just got real. Like really real :) It's gonna be awesome. Pull up a chair and come along for the ride!


  1. Love you lady!! This is the most exciting news I have heard! You are one friggin AWESOME mom!! OF COURSE God would send you more!! Not the way you thought, but He works in mysterious ways!
    I have do not have multiplies but I do have 5 kids, I am not sure I have advice but I have love and I can pray so those will be with you during this journey!!
    Cant wait to follow all the progression during this! Congrates friend!!

  2. I can't offer any advice or resources, but I can and will keep you and your family in my prayers! Congratulations!

  3. I haven't been able to read your blog for awhile as we have been moving and I have been having internet issues. To read this as the first entry, is extremely exciting! Congrats on triplets! I can't wait to keep reading your entries as you go through this.

  4. Holy Cow! How on earth did I miss this the first time! SO SO SO SO SO SO SO many congratulations! I'll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and all that! I am so happy for you!

  5. This sounds so much like my story. I also did infertility and was told at 5 weeks we were having twins. A week later I was bleeding and went to see doctor. They said we have three heartbeats:) It was shock for multiple weeks. We are now 13 weeks pregnant. I have told many friends and immediate family but will be telling other family members next week. My biggest challenge will be accepting help and dealing with the space we do not have in our place. We have a 2 bedroom condo so it is going to be tight.

  6. this is the best story i "fell" upon that God HAD planned for me to hear! waoh! God Bless this amazing mom and her family!


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