Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Easter Weekend

I am so thankful for my mom. She came out last wednesday after my paracentesis and helped since I was on "light duty." She scrubbed my whole house down, did all of our grocery shopping, all of the cooking, dishes, and took care of Avery while I laid on the couch. Oh, and did I mention she basically potty trained Avery? In a week? Seriously.

We managed to dye some Easter eggs too. And with all the potty training going on, Avery has only been wearing sorry for that. Her little pudgy body is pretty cute though :)

Troy made the cool egg using a whisk. I thought Avery would be able to better dye eggs if we stuck them in the whisk and let her dye them. As it turns out, she only wanted to drop them into the cups and cheer if she heard the crack of the eggshell. Oh well.

Here's our finished products.

We also managed to make it to church!! YAY! My mom snapped some pictures of Avery and me. And Avery on the swing being adorable!!

She also took some of Troy and me with Avery. They didn't turn out so great. These are seriously the best ones. And they're pretty bad. In that second one it looks like Avery is trying to fly out of Troy's arms. Better luck next year, huh? A special thanks for Megan for sending some hand-me-downs to Avery to include her Easter dress!

On Easter, we had our small group from church over for brunch. Most of us are military or Las Vegas transplants, with no family around. We had a total of 15 adults and 8 kids. It was a little crazy, but we agreed to have a potluck (we made broccoli cheese casserole and fruit salad) complete with ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, pasta salad, brownies, and cheesecake. YAY!! There's nothing like some good fellowship with food! And paper plates. No dishes :)

One of the other couples brought 70+ eggs for an Easter egg hunt stuffed with candy. We took a ton of pictures, but I didn't ask any parents if I could post pics of their kids, so you won't see the excited faces of any kids except my Avery :) She LOVED it and caught onto the idea pretty quickly. We didn't know how it'd go. Avery was the youngest and we kind of had to corral the other kids away from the "easy" eggs that we had hidden for her. Luckily there were so many eggs that everyone got a chance to collect a bunch. It was awesome. We will definitely be doing this again next year.

Overall, it was busy and so fun. I'm SO glad my mom was here to help with everything. Did I mention she planted all the flowers in our yard??

How did you spend your Easter?

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