Sunday, May 12, 2013

Triplet Update...and the First Belly Pic! And A Baby Pic!

I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow. I feel great. No barfing.

The only issue right now is bleeding. Like a ton of bleeding. I started bleeding last friday. Buckets. Sorry for the visual. Bad things always happen on fridays when your only option is the ER. Seriously annoying. I called the doctor and he said this:

You can do one of 3 things:

1. Go to the ER to get an ultrasound. They'll be able to tell you what's going on, but they won't be able to stop it.

2. I can move your appointment to monday. We can see what's going on then.

3. You can wait until your appointment on wednesday.

Troy and I decided to just wait it out until my appointment on wednesday. We have VERY much taken the stance of "we are not in control of this situation and we are going to go with the flow" as best as we can.

It's weird because the bleeding wasn't constant. I bleed at the same time every evening. It starts about 2 hours after I've been in bed. Troy comes home from swings around 1 am and I go the bathroom. And it's bad.

I bleed for a few hours and then while I'm up and moving around, everything is fine.

At my appointment on wednesday, we were expecting to have lost one of the babies. But, much to our surprise and awe, they were ALL fine. And moving and kicking and dancing. They couldn't get them all in one picture, but here is a picture of one baby:

There are 2 on the top kicking and stretching. Poor baby "C" is smooshed at the bottom. Not moving. The other 2 are taking up too much room. Troy suggested that I stand on my head and give the party animals on top a taste of their own medicine. Haha.

During the ultrasound, they saw a subchorionic hemorrhage. Basically, one of the placentas hasn't sealed flat against the wall of the uterus yet and there is a pool of blood between the two. As the placenta gets stronger, it is pushing blood out of the cavity. Thus all the bleeding. It's awful. But apparently nothing to worry about unless there is pain and large clots. Okay then.

Well today is Mother's Day and we figured, at 12 weeks (well, 11 weeks and 6 days) it was time for a picture.

Not showing too much yet. Which I have to say, feels like a victory. Which is TOTALLY different than when I was pregnant with Avery. I remember I couldn't WAIT to look preggo with her. Now, every day that I haven't popped feels like a victory. Like it's one more day that I won't be on bed rest. One more day that I can hold them in and keep them safe. It's so silly, but that's just how I feel about it. I want to NOT show for as long as possible. Weird right?

We are also making progress on our list of things to do.

We have hired a contractor to wall in another bedroom.

We have started cleaning out the house for the yard sale next weekend. The pile in the front room is getting re-donk-ulous. It's mostly households and furniture.

We are have narrowed down our car search and plan to drive to California to buy our new HUGE car next weekend.

We are also going to IKEA to pick up some cribs while in California because...UM VEGAS DOESN'T HAVE ONE!

We have started putting Avery's big girl room together. It makes me want to cry thinking that she's going to be a "big girl" when she comes more crib. Pictures to follow.

Happy Mother's Day to all, especially to my Mom, who has been more help and support than I am able to verbalize.

I'll be back soon! My appointment with the high risk doc is thursday. Can you think of anything specific I should ask? Seriously, I'm worried I'm gonna forget something.


  1. You look great! I totally understand not wanting to show on the second pregnancy, that's how I was, too.Hard to believe there's three babies in there, and I'm so glad that things are going well! Good luck, can't wait to see more ultrasound pics!

  2. Happy Belated Mothers' Day!


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