Monday, June 18, 2012

TLF and How on Earth We Got Here

We are ready to keep family updated in a more organized and thoughtful way...finally, right? We get requests all the time for news/pictures about what we have been up to as a family. Really, it's all about Avery, I know. Everyone wants to know what's up with her. Kidding. Sort of. Avery goodness throughout :)

We are currently staying in the TLF (temporary lodging facility) at Holloman Air Force base. Troy has been in cross-training from the Logistics career field to flying "drones" (aka those planes you see on the news with video feed). How we got here is kind of complicated, so let me give you all a run down.

June 30th 2007 - Wedded bliss

August 2007 - Natalie begins graduate school at James Madison University and Troy moves in while waiting to go to Dover AFB

November 5th 2007 - Troy goes active duty

June 2008 - Natalie moves out of her Harrisonburg apartment/adopts Optimus from the SPCA and joins Troy in base housing at Dover AFB

October 2009 through April 2010 - Troy deploys to Bagram AFB

February 2011 - Troy is accepted into training

May 7th 2011 - Baby girl Avery is born :) and we move out of our house in Dover a week later

February 2012 - We move out of our (rented) house in San Antonio

March 2012 - Troy begins phase 2 of training in Alamogordo, New Mexico (aka hottest place in the world...) while Natalie and Avery live with Troy's parents in Burke, Virginia because of wedding season

June 11th 2012 - Natalie and Avery join Troy in Alamogordo, NM

August 16th 2012 - Troy graduates from school

August 20th 2012 - We all move to Las Vegas, NV for our next military adventure!

Now you are all up to date on how this happened and why we are here. I will be updating and letting you all know what we are up to!! Hopefully a couple times a week. Maybe. Most likely :)

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