Friday, August 3, 2012



Troy passed his checkride yesterday!!! And his graduation isn't until August 16th. What does this mean for the Barnes Family do you ask??? WHY, LET ME TELL YOU!

We are making the 12 hour driving trek with our two babies Avery and Optimus. All. The. Way. To. Vegas. And back. It's 12 hours each way. But it's worth it. I am NOT going to sit in Alamogordo for the next 2 weeks with nothing to do. I'd rather be miserable in the car for 2 days and enjoy my new house (ahhhhhh) while checking something things off our to do list.

As a result of moving into our house and, more than likely, not having internet access, I will not be posting this week. If I do, I'll update Facebook to let you know. I will be updating Instagram while we are gone. If you want to see pictures of the crazy, you can find us there at BarnesDailyCircus on Instagram.

Check ya later. We'll be back in Alamogordo for Troy's graduation. We are super excited to see Troy's Dad and Aunt Kathy. They are awesome and driving out other car here from Washington DC. THANK GOD we don't have to do THAT.

I'm off to pack as much as we can into Troy's teeny Jetta. Have a great week ya'll! I know I will!!! Lowe's...GET READY! It's about to get crazy up in there with the Military Discount!!!

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