Wednesday, August 1, 2012

TLF Long Term Living Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to living in TLF. Some are very unexpected. Seriously.

Because I am a list person, here are several of the things that I have discovered. Unexpectedly.

1. Con - It is seriously boring. Like for real. I have seen several HGTV re-runs. Never in life had I seen a re-run on HGTV before I moved here. I didn't know this was possible.

2. Pro - I don't have to clean. Sonya rules. The only things we have to do are dishes (no dishwasher, so it royally sucks) and laundry.

3. Con - The only things we have to do dishes and laundry. Adding to the boring. At least one day a week I had to do some kind of cleaning when we were living in our own house. 6 months ago. Whether that be running the vacuum or dusting or deep cleaning the kitchen or all three. Nothing here. Which sounds like it would be nice. But when you don't have a job or stay at home responsibilities, it's not that awesome. I don't have a routine. OH THE HORROR!

4. Pro - Everyone in Troy's training is in the same boat as we are and pretty much hangs around all the time. There are people to talk to and hang out with. Every day. I cannot tell you how spoiled this is making us for when we get to Vegas and don't live within 100 yards of everyone we hang out with.

5. Con - I have let people see me in ways I didn't let Troy see me until after we were married. I seriously don't go to the gym without mascara. I am playing outside with Avery without a bra. My hair looks wet if I don't shower because it is SO greasy. I sometimes don't change out of my pajamas all day or shower until bed. It's disgraceful. But when you are outside sweating or at the pool, it's like, why shower once if you know you are going to shower again at night because you are so filthy? I NEVER IN MY LIFE thought I would do anything like that. Living is such close quarters with people changes a few things.

6. Pro - You really learn what you need. I'm talking basics. There just isn't room for all the other stuff. Bake brownies in a loaf pan? Done. Tea in a coffee pot because you don't have a tea kettle? Check! Super simple one pot meals because you are way too lazy to do all the dishes? Yes please. White bath towels to the pool? Done. Mixing bowls as dog bowls? Double check for water and food bowls!

7. Con - You miss all the comforts of your house and your stuff. My slap chopper? PLEASE GOD I AM SICK OF MY EYES WATERING WHILE I CUT UP AN ONION!! My charging station that hides cords? IF I SEE ANOTHER CELL PHONE OR CAMERA OR COMPUTER CHARGER I AM GOING TO SCREAM!

8. Pro - Hotel black out curtains. I cannot stress how awesome these are. Avery pretty much naps like a champ and we can put her down to bed at 630pm with ZERO issues. It's amazing. I am investing in these for when we move to Vegas for Avery's room and our master bedroom. They have been a lifesaver when Troy is up at 3am for a flight and comes back ready for a nap. Instant night time! They are amazing.

Anyone else missing the comforts of home? Anything in your house you can't live without? Feel free to complain or commiserate here.


  1. I am 100% with you on the boredom, and the greasy hair, and the PJ's. This is the first time we have had internet at our TLF options, that has REALLY helped. I don't have little kids anymore, so the lack of an Xbox is awful. The other hangup...we aren't quite here, and we aren't quite gone. It's like existing in some sort of limbo. When someone sees us, it's like "I wasn't sure it was you, I thought you left" and the kids have had "one last see you later" like 4 times (because, this time might be the last time...or not)

    1. Isn't it awful? We actually have internet, but after 2 months (some people in Troy's class have been here for 5...I don't know how they are doing it) it's not that fun :( The library is our new best friend. Movies, books, and I just checked out some audio books for our drive to Vegas this week and then back for Troy's graduation. I miss you guys and sounds like you have been crazy busy with moving stuff to Germany. I remember Dover TLF being SUPER nice. We were there for 2 weeks.

  2. Good job coming up with so many positives.

    If I didn't have work and school I would have caught up on a few more movies I haven't had time to see in the past decade. :)

    And I too have rocked the greasy hair, rumpled pj's, no make-up look more often than I probably should have...and for some reason scoffed at social norms and started venturing outside the TLF world in such a state. haha.

    1. So true about the movies. I forgot to put on the pro list about the library here. I have been pretty impressed with it. Thanks for introducing us :)

      I don't know how all of us somehow decided (collectively) to forgo social norms of bathing and cleanliness. But at least we pretty much did it together. And I wasn't the awkward dirty kid.


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