Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Bathroom is Finished. And Natalie Overshares. But She Predicts that Many People Will Sympathize. And All Will Be Forgiven.

Cue the Angels: HALLELUJAH!!

UGH. I was so sad when our bathroom totally fell apart because of an upstairs water leak. It especially sucked because it is the only bathroom on the first floor. Which meant running up and down the stairs whenever the "urge" hit.

So, I have the most sensitive bladder/bowels in the universe. I realize that I have to go and then in less than 10 seconds it turns into an emergency. So NO warning. And running up the stairs to use the toilet is a total nightmare. Especially with an unpredictable toddler who knows how to open doors. I end up gating her somewhere or snatching her and dragging her up the stairs and barricading her in the bathroom with me. I am a desert creature on car rides. I don't eat or drink anything for hours before going somewhere just to avoid an argument with Troy about stopping again. And what I mean by that is Troy laughs while I cry because I think I'm going to have an accident in the car. He has suggested that I wear diapers in the car. Just to run up to the gas station. Because 10 seconds is my limit. It's bad.

So what I was REALLY trying to say, is that it is ABOUT TIME for the bathroom to be finished. It was broken for exactly 13 days. The bathroom issue with Natalie has only gotten worse since having a baby. That is the reality of pregnancy and childbirth people.

Here's the timeline of "Operation: Repair Bathroom so that Natalie Can Run to it About 5 Times a Day and Troy can Laugh at her"

Troy discovered the leak on Saturday. The plumber came saturday night and ripped everything out. Sunday, the environmental people came and started with the big industrial sized dryers. They were in the house until wednesday. The dryers were removed.

The following monday, the insulation guy came. He did the outside of the house and the inside of the bathroom. Here's the insulation finished:

The drywall guy was here monday evening and all day tuesday. And then the drywall:

Wednesday the drywall guy came and sanded all the drywall edges to prep for painting in addition to adding the texture to the walls for the inside and outside stucco. Then the door frame repair guy/reinstalled all the bathroom hardware came thursday. The painters came friday.

In just enough time for Troy and I to have friends over for dinner and drinks and be able to use the bathroom. Without touching the walls. The paint was still wet but there was no way I was running up the stairs after a couple drinks. Win. I am just SO grateful that the damage was not more invasive and we didn't have to pay for the repairs. SO grateful.

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