Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fun Aunt Taylor!!!

Happy Happy New Year everyone. I went to bed at 10...lame! We had a great 2012 and are hoping for a WONDERFUL 2013! Today officially marks the end of the holiday season and safe travels for you and your family!

The week before Christmas, my sister Taylor made a 24 hour visit to sunny Las Vegas. She was on a business trip in Salt Lake City from Wednesday to Saturday and was supposed to fly back to Orlando. She decided to cash in some of her frequent flyer miles to re-route her flight from Salt Lake City to Vegas on Saturday for the night and then fly home on Sunday afternoon. We were SO excited to have her.

Taylor few in on Saturday about 2 o'clock and I was working. I was only scheduled for a half day and I got home around 2 to relieve the nanny. Taylor had some issues at the airport and got hung up. Taylor also wanted to make some purchases at Target for Avery for Christmas (saving money on shipping...smart girl) and then she headed over to our house around 4. Which was perfect. I got a chance for a little spot cleaning.

Troy was on swing shift (leaves at 230pm and comes home around 1am) so Taylor and I decided to take Avery out for a girls night. We headed over to the HashHouse A Go Go for dinner. It has been featured on Man vs Food and all the dishes are HUGE so of course we ordered 3 of them for the 2 of us. The amount of food was impressive.

We were lucky and Troy got sent home early, so he met us at the restaurant when we were boxing up leftovers and he dug in while we were waiting for our check.

When we got home from the restaurant, Aunt Taylor and I gave Avery a bath. And Taylor got baby snuggles. They're the best. If you didn't know :)

This coming weekend, I am going to Savannah Georgia for my oldest sisters bachelorette party. There are a bunch of theme nights. Don't worry, there will be a post with pictures after this goes down...

1. "Wigging" out

2. 80's Prom

3. Pirate night

SO I needed some clothes and Taylor was still on the hunt for some other items for Avery's dress up box (feather boa, purses, necklaces, etc) and so we headed out for some thrift stores.

Taylor found Avery a feather boa and snapped this GORGEOUS picture of her. It literally might be my favorite picture of Avery so far. And can I just say how awesome it is to go shopping with someone who is willing to entertain your child and keep them from crying? SO nice. It was almost like shopping by myself. Avery and Taylor had a ball while I picked through things. They played dress up in the cart. Adorable.

We hit up Savers, Goodwill (where I snagged a HORRIBLE 80's prom dress and Avery's $5 activity cube), and then we needed to eat so we went to Teriyaki Madness for lunch. It's like fast food asian fusion. Troy LOVES it.

We had a mini photo shoot while waiting for our food to be done.

How cute are they???? I LOVE this picture.

SELF SHOT!!! While we were doing this, Avery totally climbed up into a booth and was pouring soy sauce all over the table. I walked over and grabbed the bottle from her and was like "NO Avery!" and she was like "YAAAAAAY!!!!" and clapping her hands while staring and pointing and the puddle of soy sauce. #toddlerproblems

Here is the same picture from above in color. It's just as cute :)

We also went to Party City so that I could get a wig for the 1st night in Savannah. I decided that Avery needed to try it on for me. She's Baby Gaga.

Taylor was in Las Vegas for less than 24 hours, but we made the most of it :) Out to dinner, surprise night off for Troy, thrift shopping (to include an 80's dress fashion show...oy!), wig shopping and Teriyaki Madness. We did good. I love her :)

YAY FUN AUNT TAYLOR!!! Come back soon!

See you this weekend :)

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  1. What a great trip!! It was wonderful to see all three of you... it had been WAY to long. Can't wait till this weekend (I can not wait to read the blog about this one) :)

    Next time I come out, Fun Uncle Troy will come too and we will make a week of it!!

    Love you all!


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