Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sea Lion, Sea Lion, What Do You See? RAAAAAWR!

Troy is waaaaaay more patient than I am with Avery. He will sit with her for whole minutes at a time (if her attention span allows for more than a minute or two) and say the same word 50 times trying to get her to say it right. I just figure it will come when she's ready, no reason to push it.

However, last night was pretty epic.

Troy was reading to Avery before bed while I picked up her room and cleaned up from the bath. They were reading "Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See?" by Eric Carle.

Instead of reading the book, Troy was flipping the pages and saying the animal name and asking Avery to repeat it and describing what made that animal unique.

I was DYYYYING laughing. The problem with that is, Avery is encouraged by laughing and kept on making me laugh instead of focusing on what her daddy wanted her to do.

For example:

Troy: This is a panda. It's a bear that is black and white. See? Say "panda."


Troy: Say "bear."

Avery: Beeeeeeear!! RAAAAWR!

Troy: Good job! (turns page) This is a monkey. See his tail and how he walks kind of tall? Say "monkey!"


Troy: Um, say "monkey."


Troy: Say "mon."

Avery: Muuuun.

Troy: Say "Key."

Avery: geeeeee.

Troy: Mon.

Avery: Mun.

Troy: Key.

Avery: geee.

Troy: Monkey!


Troy hangs his head and I laugh. And Avery laughs. Troy turns the page.

Troy: This is a sea lion!


Troy: (while laughing) Ok, this is confusing, because his name has the word "lion" in it, but he doesn't roar like the lions on your movie. He lives in the water. (We've been watching the Lion King)


Troy: Say "sea."

Avery: eeeeee

Troy: Say "lion."


This seriously went on for more than 10 minutes. The best part is that Avery can identify all of the animals on the last page, where a picture of each one is in a collage. She just can't say them. Troy is working on that though...don't worry.

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  1. Okay, I'm loving your blog. And I can totally picture this exact scenario. Avery saying, "AHHHH AHHHH!" "RAAAAAAR". Haha She is such a cute girl!


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