Friday, December 6, 2013

Family Pictures

I am terrible about pictures. I take TONS of them, but never print anything out. I have grandparents who don't have smart phones or internet. Seriously. So they never see pictures of their great-grandkids. I am going to print off a mess of pictures the next time I go to Walmart and send the photos to them.

We have also NEVER had professional pictures taken. We always have friends take them who have nice cameras.

So eventually, we will have professional ones done, but in the meantime, we've gotten great results from friends.

Here's one from when Avery was born:

Here's one from a friend at White Sands:

And now we have new ones from the same friend who took our White Sand pictures:

We also took a mess of Christmas pictures, but I'm not sharing all of those until we get our Christmas cards in the mail!

But here are some outtakes. Avery making us laugh mostly. And Optimus reminding me of a t-rex.

Seriously y'all. Optimus's big, goofy face just makes me smile.

I threw a bear at Avery and Kristen took the shot while Avery was in mid-catch.

Avery's new favorite game is the "steal the nose" game and she started playing it in the middle of pictures. This is Avery stealing my nose.

Avery stealing Troy's nose. He's not super tolerant of the nose stealing game. She doesn't quite get the "be gentle" concept of the game. It's a TIGHT squeeze and pinch from her. Ouch.

We took some Christmas pictures in front of our stockings (we don't have a fireplace). We gave Avery a poinsettia flower to hold and she decided that it needed to go on Kinley's head.

Up close shot of the flower on her head.

Well, since we got our photos taken, we got our Christmas cards ordered today. So I just need to make sure I can get them addressed and in the mail BEFORE Christmas. Wish me luck!


  1. How did that happen? Avery instantly looks a year older with those big saucer eyes, such an adorable big sister. And the babies.....and Troy...and YOU! You look fabulous! Nothing that would let anyone suspect everything you've been through. What an amazing, incredible year!
    Soooo happy for you! Without a doubt, prayers ARE answered!

    1. Thank you so much!! Finding time to eat can be a challenge. We are so thrilled with having the babies home and finally here. Prayers are WITHOUT A DOUBT answered. We are blessed beyond measure!


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