Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snot Faced Kids

I was beyond blessed with Avery. She literally NEVER gets sick. She has been sick ONE TIME since she was born and it was a wicked bad cold and cough the week we brought the twins home and she was quarantined to the upstairs loft so she didn't get the babies sick.


I never had to use the booger sucker with her. Not once.

Forget it. Right now, the twins are bright green, snot faced little aliens. Like, you'd think we were killing them every time we suctioned out their noses. I've heard that with your first kid, they almost never get sick and then you have one or two more and someone is always sick. Well, that is proving to be true.

I keep thinking that they're awake, but really, the video monitor we have has such good microphones that I am hearing their little snorts and snores and grunts because they can barely breathe. It sounds like a pack of wild pigs in their room. With a cold mist humidifier. Which is making feeding them really fun. Whenever I try to nurse Caris, she has a complete meltdown because her nose is stuffy (even after using the evil booger sucker) and with her mouth sealed on my boob or a bottle, she can't breathe.

Has anyone seen the X-Files movie? I love that movie. Anyone? You know the scene at the end where Mulder saves Sculley from the alien ship in Antarctica? And she has started to turn into an alien and kind of looks like she's intubated with a giant mucus hose? Let me remind you...

Well, when we get the kids up from naps, the tip of their nose to their lips are pretty much SEALED with bright green boogers. They're smiley and laughing though. And blowing bubbles in their snot mustaches.

Of course I made the mistake of googling "infant colds" and I just need to stop googling infant problems. Inevitably, I am diagnosing my children with terminal illnesses when I google.

So now I come to you all as I am TOTALLY inexperienced with infant sickness. Tips for dealing with infant colds? Home remedies? HELP! My twins are turning into the X-files aliens and it's a little disturbing.


  1. My kids always screamed like I was sucking their brains out when I used that thing. Years later, a friend demonstrated the non-future-therapy version. You lie on your back and stand infant up on your chest like you're playing with her. (Try to avoid snot dripping n your face) If you can manage it by yourself, hold child with one hand and apply snot suction with the other. Followed quickly by another bounce and a chirpy noise to let her know you're still playing. If another human is in the area, you can tag team it which is even better. One bounces and distracts baby while the other sneaks up on her before she knows what hit her. Yay! BTW, are you positive they don't have reflux? That sometimes comes up while they sleep and gets into the sinuses. They might need a different formula or some reflux meds.

    1. Haha! I'm totally laughing at the image. The problem right now it, the snort is so gummy that getting the tip in their nose isn't the problem, it's the booger grabbing the inside of their nose that then the sucker stealing their breath. I'm think I also may be out of practice and slow. I'm pretty sure that Kinley has reflux, but the physical therapist says that her reflux is a result of her torticollis, with the tight muscles in her neck pushing on her vagus nerve, making her barfy :( They have an appointment with the pediatrician on thursday (for a well baby check, HA) and I'm going to ask then


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