Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Making the Dentist and My Mom Proud

As I said yesterday, Avery has had teeth since she was about 10.5 months old. And she showed absolutely NO signs of teething. No water fountain drooling. No fever. No runny poo. No fussing. She was an angel. How jealous are you right now? I didn't even know that there was a tooth there until she started eating a magazine that she was shredding. There is evidence of the actual event here:

I was taking pictures of her because I thought it was hilarious. She would rip the magazine and laugh at the sound. I am sure many of you have seen this video that went viral on youtube. She was like this.

You can see how I could overlook the fact that she had some of the paper in her mouth. Her laughing was distracting. All of a sudden her mouth opened crazy wide and there it was. A choking hazard. No way, Jose. Not on my clock. I wrenched her mouth open and was sweeping (think what they tell you in the infant CPR/Heimlich maneuver) and suddenly was distracted by a hard thing stabbing my index finger on the bottom right of her mouth. A TOOTH! FINALLY! I almost forgot what I was doing with my hand halfway down her throat. Don't worry, I pulled the paper out.

After that she had only 1 tooth until recently. As in Avery is 13 months and the other 6 teeth came in about a month ago. Within a week. When my mom was watching her one weekend (Avery only had 1 tooth at the time), my mom was all, "do you brush her tooth?" And I was like, "No." But really defensively to indicate that "this conversation is over." I knew I should have been, I just wasn't and didn't want her challenging my bad parenting choices.

THIS POST IS FOR YOU MOM!! Look at her great hygiene! Aren't you proud of your baby girl (that's me!) for making good parenting choices? That I should have done from the beginning? Bygones. That was for you Mom, I know you love Ally McBeal.


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