Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Troy and his Mini-Me

Avery looks so much like Troy it frightens me sometimes. But then she makes a mad face and looks like me. Like right here. Except grumpy is a cute look on her. Pouting Avery = kissable lips.

Lets just say those sunglasses lasted exactly .5 seconds before she pulled them off. And then we put them back on and Troy held her hands down for a picture. And then she pulled them off and handed them to me. At least she didn't drop them. The lessons in gravity are getting a little old.

Snuggle time for everyone with the Daddy. Optimus gets jealous of Avery love from Troy and me. Troy is much better at giving him attention than I am. I guess parenting is a work in progress. That's right, parenting for fur babies makes you a parent too :)

When we ask Avery for kisses, you get one of two things. The first being an open mouth, spit ring from your nose to your chin, "kiss." The second being a lean in for the kiss, but not lifting her face high enough for an actual kiss, so she touches her forehead to yours. Very cute <3

They're related. Shocker, I know.

This is Troy biting Avery's fingernails. I hate cutting them. When she was about 4 months old I was scarred. For life. I decided to cut her nails while she was nursing. I got to her last finger, the thumb on her left hand. And totally took a chunk out of the side with the clippers. She was screaming. I was crying. Troy was laughing. It was like a scene from "Psycho" on my boob. It was awful. Troy likes to remind me that I "spill't her first blood." Say that with a Scottish accent like William Wallace. I avoid cutting her nails at all costs. So Troy bites 'em.

Look at this chunky monkey hand clutching Troy's shoulder. It's so sweet I just want to cry. I lurve it.

She wants to be a nascar driver. These kind of shopping carts are her new favorite. They have the "car shopping cart" at both the BX and Commissary. We can now shop for longer without meltdowns or baby boredom. It's awesome. She thinks she is in charge, but she's not. Winning.

Troy and Avery. Love Love Love.


  1. Some of my favorite looks of hers are ones that she DEFINITELY gets from you! Wait till she starts talking, she's going to be a sassypants...

  2. I'm about to burst your bubble in a big way here. I know you currently love that big pain-in-the-butt six wheeled monstrosity in the last picture there, but there's an age coming soon which you should be aware of. The age at which they cry and clamor for that cart, then sit in it for exactly four minutes (four because it takes at least three minutes to put enough groceries in the cart to NOT want to switch for another cart, and because five would be too long to sit still). THEN they climb out and no longer want to be trapped inside of that thing.

    Now, you get to shop with a cart which is harder to maneuver and has a smaller area for putting groceries WITHOUT the benefit of entertaining your child. Oh. And the look your husband will get at the checkout as the cashier eyes the empty child seats suspiciously are PRICELESS. like, "you seem to have LOST something, sir?" Without actually wanting to ACCUSE him of losing a child... but the intent of the look is there. Oh it's there.

    1. Ok, while yes, we absolutely love it, I had not considered future meltdowns. I am all about preventative bad child behavior and you are seriously making me question my parenting choices. With that said, Troy almost hit a display of olive oil or jelly or something while attempting to drive that thing. We kind of thought it was worth the almost disaster because of the entertainment factor for her. If Troy had hit the display, we would have been that couple arguing in the grocery store...awkward. All Dane Cook "Get the Jelly..."


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