Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Autocorrect Disaster of Embarrassment. I Almost Died. Especially Because I Didn't Notice Until He Hadn't Responded for Almost an Hour. Now I Know Why.

Troy and I got smart phones this week. I finally caved. Troy has been wanting them for forever. Our phone contract was up on July 2nd and on July 3rd we were banging down the door of Verizon. In an ironic twist, the sales representative informed us that we could have come in for upgrades 4 months before our contract was up. Troy was mad. I laughed. The evil kind.

They offered us a "deal" where we could trade in our old phones and they would subtract the trade in prices from the cost of our new phones. This is Troy's old phone:

And this is mine:

Needless to say, the sales guy LITERALLY laughed at us. He looked up our phones in his computer and informed us that the trade in value was 1 dollar. You read that right. A SINGLE DOLLAR! We told him that we would keep them and Avery could use them as play phones. She already has 3 play cell phones but she can SOMEHOW tell the difference between toys and the real thing. So now she has 2 real phones to play with.

Anyway, there have been several adjustments since getting the iphones. We are used to having keyboards. It is very easy to text on those. Iphone touch screens are not so easy to type on. We also didn't have autocorrect previously.

I had a HORRIBLE autocorrect on saturday. I was out with 2 friends and we were hitting up the thrift stores in town. For 6 hours. It was amazing. I got some good stuff and spent $24.75. AWESOME!

I was texting with a friend while we were out. He asked us what Troy and I were doing that day. Here's what happened in the text.

OH. MY. GOD. I was laughing so hard I almost started crying. Thank God it was a good friend and not Troy's mom or my Granny. That would have been awful.

Has anyone else had a horrible autocorrect incident? How about recommendations for good apps? I'm trying to get a hang of this.


  1. OMG!!! Don't mean to laugh - that's horrible but soooo funny. At least you have a great sense of humor. :-)

    1. I just had to laugh :) I read those email chains all the time with horrible autocorrections and thought this was a pretty great addition. Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I'm sure Kyle loved it! I was laughing so hard I did cry...

  3. But aren't you glad that you finally came into the new century with your phone?!


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