Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Feeding Friends and Bad Fortunes

Have you ever heard the saying "you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose but you can't pick your friends' nose"? Well, Avery feeds her friends. Not quite the same thing, but definitely in the same category. It is so cute.

It's so adorable. I love how she leans into it. And I love how Avery laughs. And I love their chubby hands when they share. In related food related news, Avery had chinese food for the first time and loved it. She even liked the fortune cookie. That's right, she got a fortune and it could not have been funnier. Or appropriate for Avery. Or sad for Troy and me. Troy put all 3 cookies in front of her and she picked one. More like she swung her arms around and knocked it off the table, declaring it hers. Here she is enjoying her low mein noodles. Troy was nice enough to share his dinner. Not me. Cause I love chinese.
Troy opened it and read it quietly and scowled. Then he stays "she can ignore this fortune." I was like "well she picked it, so it must be true." And then I read it. "This fortune lies."

Did you read the last part?? So not true. Avery slept like a champ.

Anyone ever get a bad fortune? Troy usually picks awesome fortunes. It's kind of a source of contention in our marriage. Do you like to feed your friends? I bet you aren't as cute as these girls when you feed your friends :) Love them.


  1. that laugh makes me so happy! and her chubs, i want to eat a non-creepy way :)

    1. I get the eating the baby a non-creepy way :)


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