Thursday, July 12, 2012

Avery Walks...But Not Really

Avery does not want to walk. I think she could. But she crawls super fast. She really just doesn't want to walk. But here is evidence of her walking skills. Again with her baby stroller. But this time, she's using it "the right way." And running into walls. And the cabinets. And challenging the refrigerator to bumper cars. She won.

You can tell she considers walking. Really. And then she decides not to. You can just tell.

Since I wrote this post last week, she has taken about 5 steps. Twice. Never towards Troy or myself. It's always one of our friends. What's with that?? I also have a video of us trying to bribe her to walk. With ice cream. It didn't go well. It ended with her screaming and throwing herself onto the coffee table like a teenager being told she can't wear blue nail polish to school. Just me?

I'll post the ice cream bribery video tomorrow :)

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