Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Funny Faces

Avery is learning to kiss. She is also learning to drink out of a straw. This is her "fishy face." It's SO cute!!

I like to play the airplane game with her. I used to play this with my mom too. The mom lays on her back and plants her feet firmly on the standing child's belly. Then you hold onto the child's hands and lift them up with your legs slightly bent and then you can hold their arms while you create turbulence and take off and land while simultaneously getting an ab work out. Double win. AND you get to look at their silly silly faces. Triple win? But be careful.

I was having a grand ole' time with Avery doing this the other day and then about 4 minutes into it, she totally up chucked some curdled milk. On my face. It was gross. I gagged. Avery laughed. Story over. Warning issued.

**Side note - while writing this post, I decided to google/use thesaurus.com to look up other synonyms for barf. This is what they had on there and I was dying laughing at some of them. Technicolor yawn?!?! Chunder was another favorite. Bahahahahaha. I almost peed a little.

Main Entry: puke  [pyook]
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: vomit
Synonyms: barf , be sick, bring up, chunder, cough up, do the technicolor yawn, gag, get sick, heave, hurl, regurgitate, retch, spew, spit up, throw up, toss one's cookies, upchuck

In fact, it kind of looks like this picture is pre-barf. But it wasn't. The puking was a different day. I feel like this post has suddenly turned into a vomit thesaurus. Sorry. Back to pictures of sweet Avery.

Look at all those teeth! They are adorable! I'm just glad that for some reason, not on purpose, you can't see my HORRIBLE chipping pedicure from the wedding I was in 3 weeks ago. It's the little things :)

Anyone else play the airplane game with their parents or children? How about the last time someone did a technicolor yawn on you?

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