Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Straws, Juiceboxes, and Happy Alligator Dancing

I mentioned yesterday that Avery is learning to drink out of a straw. We I love Sonic.

As a side note, Troy and I went to some thrift stores in Alamogordo. THEY ARE AWESOME. I was super excited to go to this scary looking furniture resale warehouse/junkyard on to the way back to base. Troy and I had decided that we would go there last. After hunting around in 2 places, Troy was all "this is the best day ever" and pulled into Sonic. I was all, "YAY!!!! I LOVE SONIC!!" Picture me like this.

So then we get our Route 44 drink and pull back out onto the road toward the scary place. Troy drives right past it. I was like "WOAH TURN AROUND" and he was like, "this is the best day ever do you want to ruin it by getting us killed for some resale furniture?" And I said, "YES absolutely. If I had known that you were trading Sonic for the junkyard, I would not have wanted Sonic!!" Needless to say, I lost the battle and hogged the drink as a trade off for his attempts to appease me before the big letdown.

Avery got this cool contraption before she was born from my mom's bestie Shawn. It's designed to hold any size or shape of juice box so that little baby hands don't squeeze the sides of said drink and spray/shoot it everywhere. Kids don't understand their own strength and are rather messy. PLUS it has handles.

This was Avery's first time having juice. Let me rephrase. She has had juice. But we always water it down to like 1 oz of juice and 4-5 oz of water. I about died when she took her first sip of unaltered juice. It was like watching someone eat a lemon. Or try their first shot of tequila. You know how you wince and gag and then your eyes water? Like that. SO funny. This is her eyes watering. It couldn't have been too bad though. She came back for more.

The only problem with this drink thing that I can see is that if your juice box is too skinny, it can fall out. Babies shake things. If you didn't already know. They listen for the sound it makes. They flail. They hit themselves in the head. They hit you in the head with things. That happened with the juice box. It came FLYING out and hit her and then juice started squirting everywhere. So we ended up using a plastic commissary bag and wrapping it around the juice box before putting it back in the Dwink.

Her plan was foiled again. No juice spraying here. Not that she didn't continue to try. See how the juice box is sticking up more out the top? That's the bag holding it in. Natalie:1 and Dwink:0

Has anyone else seen these? Or had any luck using them with flailing children?


  1. That's hysterical, and exactly how I look when Sonic is mentioned as well. I'm obsessed with their strawberry lemonade! And, Avery has the biggest eyes ever! I love them, she could not be cuter!

  2. Thanks :) We like her. We always get diet cherry limeade. And by "we" I mean me. Troy jus tolerates it, I think. He's such a good hubs. Have a great 4th of July! It sounds like you guys have a fun day planned.


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