Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anniversary Dinner and Hunting Vampires

We celebrated our 5 year anniversary on June 30th. BUT on the actual date, we went to the UFO festival in Roswell. Here's a jem of a pic from that date as a preview.

But that's not what this post is about. On the 29th, Friday, we decided to have a date night. But first we did an impromptu photo shoot in front of TLF. Sometimes, I see pictures of myself and think, "Hmm, I can see why my mom wears lipstick." This is one of those times.

And I forgot earrings. SO unlike me. Ah well, I think they turned out great :)

Here is a family picture. I literally don't think we have ever taken a photo of the 4 of us. Miracles do happen. And that's actually a decent picture :)

We went to a restaurant called Stella Vita. Apparently, it is the only restaurant worth going to in Alamogordo. And let me tell you, it was AWESOME. A little on the expensive side for everyday dining, but perfect for a special occasion. The menu was one of those that constantly changes, depending on the day. We could tell it was printed off very recently (it was just a piece of card stock, no lamination or folder). It was a wine bar place too. They had a pretty big selection.

Isn't Troy such a gentleman? When he opened my car door to leave, I was all "aww baby, you're so sweet!" and he was like, "I can't do this all the time, or you won't appreciate it when I do!" And then he did it again at the restaurant. He's sweet.

This is our appetizer. It was beef tenderloin tips in some kind of sauce with caramelized onions, mushrooms, and red peppers and toasted sliced bread for dipping. Delish.

We also had a bread basket with focaccia bread and olive oil. Yum.

I got chicken cordon bleu with rice and veggies. SO good. I could have bathed in that white sauce on the left.

Troy got the hockeyed salmon with rice and veggies. Let's talk about the glaze on the salmon. Or stare it. It was pretty much one of the best things I have ever tasted. It was kind of crunchy on the edges of the fish and tasted like candy. I ate the edges and Troy ate the middle.

**Side note. Troy and I are usually middle people. When I say that, I mean that Troy and I prefer middle brownies and middle cinnamon rolls. I see the "edges only brownie pan" and it seems sacrilegious. Why ruin a good thing? Why? The ooey gooey middle pieces are the best. So for me to say that the EDGES of the fish were the best, means that this is serious. The crunchy fish edges were awesome. Thanks to the glaze sauce.

To end our date, we went and saw "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter." We were super excited to see this because we both read the book and loved it. Troy because the author tied in historically accurate events and me because I am so gullible (evidence here) that I really thought after reading this that my buddy Abe was the most bad ass vampire killing President who ever lived. Really. He was.

Skip the movie ya'll. It gets an enthusiastic 4 thumbs down from Troy and me. The movie could NOT have been more different than the book. When the credits say "based on the book" what they actually mean is "not like the book at all." So sad.

Also, Troy and I should never see movies past about 7. Our movie started at 9:25. Or was supposed to. We are too old. We were so tired. AND we had to wait for the movie to start because of the chaos (that I wish I had been a part of) for "Magic Mike." The line was CRAZY. Our movie started at 9:45. And that was just previews. I had to kick Troy at one point during the movie. The vamps were nasty killing someone and blood was flying and he was nodding off. Uh oh. No more movies past 7 if you can't stay awake during a killin' scene.

Anyway. We had a great date night and got up early to go to the UFO Festival in Roswell. There were some crazies there. You should have heard the people in the museum talking. About getting abducted. And the hypnotherapist who helps people with the PTSD of abduction. And space elevators. Not joking. More on that next time.


  1. Yay for date night!!

    And that family picture is so presh :)

  2. Edges, edges are the best. You can have all the rest.(say this in that sing songy way).

    1. Ew. Salmon is literally the only thing I can think of right now that edges are the best. Ok, I love me some crust. But of pie only. Any other edges that are awesome are definitely up for debate.

  3. HHAAH "and when they said based on the book, they mean nothing like the book at all." Tyler said the same thing, but I still thought the movie was good (albeit a little scary at some points that I clearly was not ready for.)

    1. At least our reviews were consistent right? It really was a good book...but a god awful movie...seriously.


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