Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Truth is Out There. And the Truth is, People are Crazy.

Alright chickens, settle in and get comfy because this, my friends, is a LONG post. Filled with crazy, Avery, pictures, and some more crazy. We went to Roswell this past weekend for the UFO Festival of 2012. I can't make this up. It's a real thing.

We went on our date the night before and didn't get home until almost midnight, so 6am came VERY early. We decided to leave at 630am because Roswell is almost 2.5 hours from Alamogordo and I made the executive decision that there was NO WAY we were missing the Animal Costume Contest. It started at 10am and I didn't know what the parking situation was going to be like. Luckily, our coffee maker broke the following morning, so I was ready and raring to go with caffeine. So was Stephen. Preggo (Becca) and Troy aren't coffee drinkers so they struggled a bit more than the addicts. Win.

We got to Roswell making surprisingly good time. Googlemaps told us 2 hours and 32 minutes, but it was only a little over 2 hours. We found a parking spot and immediately made our way over to the Civic Center, where the Pet Costume Contest was being held. Hilarity ensued.

The announcer was funny. There were lots of entries who were chihuahuas and she said "A chihuahua alien craft crashed last night outside Roswell and they must have all entered the contest." She also said "Can all of the contestants (the pets) and their masters, or slaves for that matter, (being their owners) please line up to the right of the stage?" I chuckled. Here are about half of the contestants.

Dog Dressed up in aluminum foil with pink spikes down his back? Check!

Guinea Pig wearing a silver tuxedo? Check!

Chihuahua with antenna? Check!

Chihuahua with a lime green skirt and feather headdress? Check!

Pug in florescent green with his speedo clad master? Check!

Enslaved chihuahua giving his alien slave owner a ride? Check!

Happy baby only interested in petting all of the alien dogs? Check!

Cutest baby in the whole galaxy? TRIPLE CHECK!!

We had to walk about 6 blocks from the actual pet costume contest back to the street fair. On the way, we stopped at Sonic for a drink and snack and we all know how I feel about Sonic, so I was SUPER happy. As was Becca, who also needed a snack. YAY french fries and Route 44s.

Right after we left Sonic, we passed a Mcdonald's shaped like a flying saucer. PICTURE!! Why, yes we did! You can see me clearly bogarting the Sonic cup in my right hand.

We went into the car show after our snack. There were some really cool old cars. Can someone please tell me if this is legit? Did people really put their luggage inside little baby gates on the runner boards? Or pack that lightly? Who brings a suitcase that small anywhere? My purse that I bring on a short trip to the grocery store is bigger than that.

So cool. This car doesn't even need a caption.

See the big cylinder thing on the passenger window of the baby blue car in front? Troy and I determined that it must be an air conditioner. Someone please correct me. Or tell me if we are right. Because a lot of the cars had them and we did not know what they were.

This car had military memorabilia on it. I don't know if this car is historically significant or if it was just used for many things throughout military/American history. Like, was it the open car that JFK was shot in? I don't know. But I liked it. And I am patriotic. So here is a picture :)

There were also these very strange, tricked out bicycles. Kinda weird. But they were shiny, so of course, I was drawn to them.

I am not sure if they were actually functional or not.

I had never seen a car with hydraulics before. So this was kind of fascinating to me. And sad. Now, I don't know anything about cars. Nothing. But, I do know that some of these cars are classics. And I kind of feel like the "tricking out" of the cars ruined them.

Some people also decorated their cars to fit in along with the Alien/UFO festival. Scary...for real.

After the car show, we walked around the booths. I wasn't super impressed. Or impressed at all. I was hoping for some fun stuff like implants that had been removed after an abduction or pieces from a crash site. But alas, it was mostly Roswell t-shirts with X-File like sayings on them, bumper stickers, and shot glasses. Eh.

Here are some of the Aliens we ran into on the street.

You didn't think I meant the crazies did you? I have pictures of them a little later, so you'll have to keep reading :)

Then we were hungry. We went to a local "brick oven pizza place." That was how they were advertised. We snuck a peek. Not so much. It was gas. We saw the digital adjustable thermometer outside. LIARS! But the pizza was awesome. Here is Avery, enjoying some crust.

If it gets Avery's stamp of approval, you know it's good.

ps. Look at those curls! Doesn't she look like a cherub??

After lunch, we headed to the Roswell Museum. It had a giant timeline of how everything went down with the government conspiracy. With tons of pictures and "top secret, confidential documents." We really enjoyed ourselves. It was definitely worth the 5$ per person. Not because of the museum. But because of the entertainment. Enter "the crazies."

All of the guest lecturers for the weekend were sitting at tables and had exhibits about their areas of expertise. They had research, their books, photographs, evidence of abductions and implantation removal after abduction. With photographs. And xrays. No joke.

Here are some snippets of conversations that we eavesdropped participated in:

- A lady who wrote paranormal fiction/sci fi and got her inspiration from her dreams.

- A lady who was able to talk to aliens through meditation. Actual quote to a fellow lecturer who was there through more "scientific research" - "I don't understand all of the meta-physical data that you have in your books, but I meditated about it and now I completely understand all of your concepts."

- A man who specializes in the removal of implantation devices. He was going over MRIs and xrays as evidence - this man was straight up cray-cray. I was like, that is not an implant device on someone's big toe dude...that's straight up gout. I didn't say that. I was thinking it. I egged him on so he would continue, thus giving me more ridiculousness for this post.

- Troy saw the museum curator giving an interview for the local news where he said, "The goal of the museum is to keep everything credible by having speakers and guests who are credible and founded in scientific research." BAH! Right. Did you just read the part about the meditation lady?

- I talked to someone who was a hypnotherapist specializing in post traumatic stress after being abducted. She is about 4 chapters into her book about the White House staff from the Clinton years being abducted during a convention. I cannot make this up. She has interviews. With 4 people. Who were there. I apologize that I cannot remember the name of the convention, but it was plastered all over the cover of her manuscript and starts with a "C". By the way, former President Bill Clinton was abducted. She doesn't have an interview with him, YET, but she is confident that he will be the strongest interview for her book.

- Stephen heard someone talking about the transfer of goods from earth to aliens through a "cyber elevator."

- Troy and Becca heard someone talking about how she got abducted by aliens. And then her hands stopped working. She made it very clear that her job is very "hands on" without being specific about what her job actually is. And the aliens prevented her from being able to make a living by giving her arthritic-like pains. Please note that this lady was in her late 50's. I think age related arthritis is common at this age, but she jumped straight to abduction. Mkay...

It was pretty amazing. These experts in their respective fields are very well respected among this community. Any time they were approached by a museum visitor with questions or wanting to share an experience, these experts were professional, had recommendations and offered suggestions and comfort. It was pretty impressive.

Whether or not you or I believe it, these people had an experience and are looking for answers. The professionalism and respect from visitors and speakers alike was impressive.

These are some random pictures from inside the museum.

After the museum, we headed over to the Human Costume contest. But not before an impromptu photo shoot in a tree.

MMM. Sweet baby. Don't worry, Troy was standing RIGHT behind her with his hand on her back.

Lovin her chunky monkey hands.

Ok, now for the good stuff. Their WHOLE outfit was made out of broken mirrors. With sparkly ribbon dancer things sticking out the top of their heads and their sleeves.

I love that they colored their skin. They almost look like oompa-loompas going to prom.

Genius. JUST GENIUS! At first I was like, "OH He must be so uncomfortable in that little box." And then I was like "I am an idiot." And slapped my own forehead. Doh.

I love that the girl in the back had on a skin colored cap and feathers for hair. I love feathers. Some of the kids looked amazing as well.

How amazing is this? They took the sumo suits with fans that blow up and dyed them green. Genius. I keep saying amazing. Sorry.

You can never go wrong with florescent green. The aliens must have gotten their copies of Elle magazine. Florescent is in.

This lady did NOT get her copy of Elle. Sparkly bra tops were late 80's/early 90's. Selena and Madonna stylized that. But for real, they look AMAZEBALLS.

I love that they are a couple. A couple that enters alien costume contests together, stays together.

Overall, we had a great time. This is our alien family photo.

Avery was WIPED out. She got up at 6am and NO NAP all day. Then she crashed in the car on the way home. Look at those lips.

40 picture post? Check!!

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  1. um...I just...I have no words. I want people who think we're crazy for Hunger Games/Twilight, etc. to see these pics. It puts it all into perspective.

    But it looks like it was a super fun time!


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