Thursday, August 16, 2012

2 Minutes in Avery's Brain

Where's my milk? Where's my mom? MOOOOOOM! Why don't I have my milk yet? Oh there it is. I want to brush my teeth. All done. Where's mom's phone? Where's dad's phone? OOO the remote! BUTTTTTONS! Elmo! I love dancing. Haha Elmo's funny. Dancing! REMOTE! Where's my mom? Oh there she is. I'm hungry. No not for that. MMM cheeeese! I love cheese. NO I WANT CHEESY CRACKERS! NOW! And milk. Where's dad? Where's my dog? OO I want to play in the dog's water. BATH! MOM NOOOOOOOOO I WAS SPLASHING GIVE IT BACK! OOO Elmo! I need to push buttons. Mom, lets read. Mom? You can't go in the bathroom without me! I want to flush the toilet. THE BATH! I want a bath now! No don't close the door. What's this thing? Buttons? I need milk. NOW. Not in THAT cup. More crackers. Now. I want to go outside. Oh it's hot. I need some milk. I wonder how rocks taste. Kinda yucky. It's hot. I want to go inside. Where's my mom? Dad? Where is your phone? Book? I want to turn the pages!! ME! Mine! I want to sit in your lap. But only for a second. Where's my milk? Where's the remote? BUTTONS! Elmo! Dance! Oh I want to climb in the cabinet! Pots and pans make the the best noises! I need to see them all! Take them all out! And I'm done with this. My eyes hurt. I'm hungry. My diaper is wet. MOM! Oh there you are. Let me sit here. MILK NOW!! Pick me up. Hug me. Put me down. NOW! I want on the couch. Haha, I'm standing on the couch and you're not watching...OOO I'm caught, I'm sitting I'm sitting. What now? Milk? Nap? Wait no! You tricked me. Oh my bed is so comfy. There's bear bear. Paci? Oh hi bed.

Seriously this is my life. All day long. All day.


  1. Hahaha so true, I love that you took the time to write it out!

  2. That is so awesome.

    I'm glad I found your blog. I saw it as a comment signature on Had to check it out. You have been bookmarked in my Favorites folder on my computer :-)

    1. Thanks for making your way over! I'm flattered!


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