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Sorry for my brief absence from the online world. Our family has made the final trek from Alamogordo to Las Vegas and are now here to live for real. Until our next PCS. Ugh. The thought makes me depressed. Anywho...

Last week, I shared with you all our new and updated to do list with all kinds of purchases crossed off. To make the wait for the reveal a little longer, here are a bunch of pics of our purchases!

First up on the list: BLINDS! Which if you read the post about Troy and I putting them up, you know how that went. We survived to live another day.

Next on the list - FANS! We purchased 6 of these and installed them. Somehow. Haha. These are the 3 extra bedroom fans. They are in the upstairs guest room, Avery's room and the downstairs guest room. I love how the edges look burnt. It moves some serious air. It's great.

I have neglected to take pictures of the family room fan, but it is also ORB and huge. With a giant light. A boob light similar to the one below. You know what I am talking about.

We purchased 2 of these. They are in the loft upstairs and in the master bedroom. Some of you may have noticed that we chose to mix metals. We have ORB curtain rods, door handles and hinges. Then we have the stainless steel appliances, bathroom fixtures, shower surround, and 2 fans. It's all good baby. You may not have even noticed if I didn't mention it.

This is 8 X 10 wool rug that I found on one of the "girly" trips that I took out shopping. I love that the pattern is pretty traditional but the colors make it much more modern. The picture is really true to the colors as well. It's like a slate grey blue color. The tan/off white pattern looks really great with the tile in the family room. It's shedding a bit, but with the dyson that Troy got me for Christmas, it's fun to pull that bad boy out and go to town. So far, it's hiding Optimus's dog hair pretty well.

This picture is a dual show. At center stage we have our charcoal grey sofa. In the supporting role are the curtains. Oh the sofa. We were pretty set on getting a sectional. But then I got all practical and ruined that plan. I was like "we already have a sectional upstairs in the loft. If we get another one and then we move again there is NO way that 2 sectionals will fit in our house." So the compromise was that we would get a sofa and 2 recliners. WELL, OMG! Troy wanted 2 of those recliners that look like they totally eat you when you sit in them and have tons and tons of padding. I just prefer the more tufted/neat and tidy look. Well then we got all awkward because if you have been furniture shopping before the sales people are like VULTURES. I was glad we were arguing a little bit because they got really uncomfortable and left us alone. HA! We ended up compromising on a sofa and loveseat combo in a color I wanted and ALL of the seats recline. Including the middle seat on the sofa. The loveseat also rocks. EACH seat! Both sides rock independently of the other AND recline. With a button. It's pretty awesome. They are heavy. Oops. Poor movers.

The camera/light is totally blowing the color out weird so they look greenish, but I promise they are dark grey. And very pretty. Say "Hi" to my Dad. He came to visit.

Here is a picture of the curtains with the only picture we have hung up in the house. The curtains are a light blue color with silvery light grey leaves on them. The picture my Granny Tucker painted and it goes perfectly with the colors in this room. We haven't hung it at all since we got married so it was a nice surprise to pull it out of the picture boxes and see that it now fits perfectly somewhere in the house. And it's meaningful. Which I love.

These are the dining room curtains from HomeGoods. For $14.99. Ok folks that is just stealing! How pretty are those? And CHEAP! Major win for me at HomeGoods. I LOVE THEM! Especially since the next set were much more.

Now you can't tell from this picture, but that is actually 2 windows. I have 4 of these panels from World Market. I could have put all 4 panels up, but then all the fabric would have bunched up and you wouldn't have been able to open them at all. The windows are pretty narrow and there is about 10 inches of wall between them. Instead of just hanging 2 we decided to go with 3 to make the window look bigger from the inside of the house by hiding the wall. I'm pretty pleased with how that turned out.

Backstory on the curtains: I found those at World Market last summer. They are the extra long 105 inch ones...which retail for $42.99 per panel!! HELLS NO! So I went home and looked them up on eBay and someone was selling them for 80 dollars for 4 PANELS! YES PLEASE! I snapped those things up faster than Avery grabs for crackers. They are perfect because those are tall and skinny windows. They are 104 inches from the top of the window to the floor. Meant to be? I think so. And a great deal. Ebay swoops in and steals the win from HomeGoods.

This is the upstairs loft. The curtains I got at Walmart about 4 years ago and they hung in our family room in Dover. We had them in the dining room in San Antonio. Reuse people! Wahoo! This is actually a pretty dark room, even in the middle of the day, so I am glad they are sheer.

CRAIGSLIST!! I LOVE YOU! I got this for $30. I talked the lady down $5. So proud. My mom has had this EXACT table for as long as I can remember. She has refinished hers in the last 5 years or so, so the weird orangey color is out. I will be doing the same. When I saw it listed I was all "hey Troy look! It's my mom's coffee table." He was all "SOLD!! I LOVE THAT TABLE! GET IT NOW!" Dang ok. So I snapped that up. The other one is currently being used as a TV stand for the loft TV (that used to be in our room).

I cannot express to you how amazing these adirondack rocking chairs are. I sent an email to my Grandma hinting that I needed a housewarming gift/birthday present. To my shock and surprise, she agreed and bought them! HOW AWESOME IS SHE? The answer is, "The most awesome."

It's true love. Really. My mom bought me one and my grandma bought me one. A PAIR. They are gorgeous. Look at that tufting. Look at the color. Look at those legs. Have you ever seen a more gorgeous pair of stems on chairs? I haven't. They are some good looking ladies. However, they are shorter and squattier than I anticipated. As a result, they may have lost the coveted in-front-of-the-eBay-curtain-windows spot. The windows are so high I feel like the juxtaposition of the tall windows and short chairs may not be the way to go. I will let you know where they land. For now, the adirondack rocking chairs are sitting in the windows facing the grey ladies. Having a face off over who is the best. It's a tie. I can't decide. It's agony.

Oh the legendary barstools. You may have missed the post about them. They almost didn't come home with me because Troy didn't approve of the "hideous things." Yeah right, I do what I want. Look at them! They are lighter than the cabinets, so the color pops when you turn the corner into the kitchen. The legs completely match the cabinets so they look like they are floating. And because of the color of the chairs, they are making the backsplash pop too! They are totally flirting over the top of the island and granite countertops all "oh hey, how YOU doin?"

One of these things is new? Can you guess which one? Troy and I were pretty much in agreement that even though we needed to replace our electric dryer for a gas one, we wanted the set to match still. Mission accomplished. The one on the right is the new dryer. We are thrilled with it so far.

BABY GATES! She's a nutso about the stairs. It scares the bejeezus out of me. She is into everything. Seriously. She's a little scary. She's all climbing in the dishwasher, climbing on the back of the toilet, climbing in the cabinets. She's a climber. It's a problem. I really love the gate so far. We'll see how it goes. The gate has these knobs that screw open to tighten to the wall. A friend told us that she had this gate and you end up screw the knobs very tightly into the wall and then one day, your kid gets the Hulk like strength and pushes the gate over, taking dry wall with it. Hopefully Avery won't be a superhero and that won't happen. We'll see.

So that's the new stuff. We still don't have things on the walls and are unpacking the last few boxes. I will get you some updates soon my blog stalkers. Talk to you soon!!

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