Sunday, August 12, 2012

Text Message

On Sunday when we arrived, Troy wanted to be a part of all the important buying decisions. We went together to Lowe's for the big stuff (blinds, dryer, and curtain rods) and to the furniture store for the sofa. The "detail girly-stuff" he skipped.

To make him feel like he was more involved, I sent him text messages of stuff I found to find out if he liked it, to pick between 2 things, or approve a price based on an item. Even though, lets be honest, I did this to avoid a fight. I pretty much picked whatever I wanted, within reason, knowing that if it didn't work, I could return it.

As I stated yesterday, I had a grande ole' time bargaining a 20% off deal on our barstools. I texted Troy a picture and got the "go ahead" before I even started haggling. I sort of got a stamp of approval. Not at all. We had already picked out our new sofas when this text message took place. We definitely had a big compromise and got different furniture than both of us had envisioned for the family room. Troy won that one. Troy:1 Natalie: 100000000000 haha, kidding. Sort of.

Here is the text between the two of us while I stood in Pier One. I snapped a picture of the barstools and sent it to him. Here is the picture that I sent him.

And here is the text messaging back and forth between us. After he "let me buy" a pair of them, I asked for 20% off for false advertising in their front windows. Which I got. WIN! Troy didn't care :( Clearly.

To be fair, when I got back to the house and he saw them in person, he was like, "those look WAY better in person than they did in that photo. Good work on the haggling, my lovely wife." I love a bargain!


  1. LMAO!

    Did you post this from your iPhone?

    1. I did :) We were in the car in Arizona from Las Vegas to Alamogordo. Isn't technology amazing??


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