Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just In Case You Missed Us - Instagram Roundup

I already shared the pictures from our drive here. But here are the rest. For those of you who don't have smart phones with an Instagram app. I understand. That's not a dig. I just want to share :)

Curtains from HomeGoods. I LOVE THEM!

SUCCESS with blinds. Winning. Only barely. Post about that tragedy coming tomorrow.

The Santa Fe plank doors. I may have hugged them and petted them for about 10 minutes when we first walked in. There may have been a few kisses. Open mouth. I am obsessed. They add SO much character to an otherwise cookie cutter house.

Curtains and rods from Target. We also installed the fan. It's ORB. And gorgeous. It moves some serious air. Which is great. It was 111 degrees on saturday. Gross.

Wednesday. Moving day. I was so thankful for great movers. They were awesome. They unpacked everything and nothing was broken. Nothing. A few scratches, but nothing significant enough to file. God is good!

We went to Buffalo Wing Wings. Avery ate celery. We tried to get her to chow on french fries. She ate them, but enjoyed the celery more. Whose child is this? I keep telling myself that her teeth were hurting so the celery stalk felt nice on her gums. I hate celery. It tastes like it doesn't belong in your mouth. It's stringy and watery and weird. French fries are golden and delicious morsels of potato from heaven.

Adirondack rocking chairs. Does life get better than this? I think not. The arms are a perfect width to hold a mason jar of sweet tea, a beer, or a cup of coffee. It's amazing. They were perfect because we put them together thursday night and our new couches didn't get delivered until sunday morning. We watched the Olympics from these in the evenings until then. And I watched the news in them in morning while I drank my coffee while everyone was sleeping. They are gorgeous and comfy. I cannot say enough good things about them. Thank you Grandma!! I love my presents!

Baby gate. Enough said.

Hanging out while having a drink and watching the Olympics. Adorable.

We took a trip to Sam's Club with my Dad, aka Grandpa Geno. He decided that Avery could not live without a bigger-than-Avery hippo. She loves it. It looks like she is about to cry, but that is actually her "effort face." She is picking it up (it's rather heavy) and grunting while gritting her teeth. She's a lady. Basically. My little piggy grunter.

Optimus enjoying some of my girly-purchases. Throw pillows. I'm addicted.

Avery finally fell asleep on the way back to Alamogordo. We had been driving for about 11 hours and she finally fell asleep for about 45 minutes until we pulled into TLF. I love this picture. Look at those eyelashes and the rosebud mouth. LOVE.

That's what you missed on Instagram. You can find us at BarnesDailyCircus.

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