Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Graduation/Troy and I Clean Up Nicely - Who Knew?

Troy finally graduated from his training program last thursday evening. It was epic. I was so proud. I cannot even tell you how nervous I was when Troy decided to make a career change. He was doing GREAT at his job in Dover and even won the Junior CGO of the Year while we were there. He loved his job and really enjoyed his deployment.

I should have known that Troy would be successful at anything he put his mind to. Sorry I doubted you babe. We still struggle with the decision, but felt a little better about it after graduation was'll see why :)

The day started with the planes in a static display out on the flight line. The guys in the class could take their families out and show them the planes and talk about the different features. They were bigger than I thought. I wish I could show you pictures, but I'm not allowed. I got a great one of Troy and his Dad. If you want to see them, leave a comment or shoot me a facebook message with your email address and I will get them to you.

After that, there was the Winging Ceremony. We were so lucky to have family come for it! Troy's Dad and Aunt Kathy drove our other car ALL THE WAY TO NEW MEXICO from Washington DC. Troy's Dad pinned Troy's wings on and that was so special for them. I'm really glad he could be there because even though I have been there to support Troy through this last year of crazy, it was really his Dad that motivated him and inspired his passion for the military as a young child.

This is Troy's Dad, Aunt Kathy, and Troy, who is clearly making a face at Avery, who is not in the picture. Haha.

Group shot! I love Avery's curls. I cannot express it enough.

Troy waiting at attention for his turn.

The moment of truth! Troy's Dad pins on his wings! Tear.

This is right after the winging. Family photo! You can't tell from this picture because I actually put some effort into my hair, but it SERIOUSLY needs a cut and color. Like, it hasn't been done since April. Thank GOODNESS Aunt Kathy let me swipe her curling iron so I could hide the fried, dead ends.

AMERICA! Good picture in front of the flag.

Troy and I cleaned up for the Graduation dinner.

There were 6 guys in Troy's class with a 100% average. Troy was one of them. So all 6 guys won the "Academic Ace" award. The most number of guys to win it at one time. Ever. Congrats to all those studs!

There were also 2 distinguished grad awards. Congrats to those guys! Those are given to the 2 people who are "all around awesome." Troy got the award for the "Top Gun." This is how it was explained to me. There are weapons on the plane. They are scored based on the amount of time from "desired impact time" to "actual impact time" as well as hitting the target. Troy won that award. So proud. So proud (and surprised that he won) that I almost didn't get a picture. I shot up out of my chair and fumbled with my camera all "wait wait, stand there for a second and smile!!" after they had already separated and Troy was on his way back to his seat. Embarrassing....oh well. I wanted my picture, darn it!

And here is a close up of his nice, new, shiny wings. Pretty huh? Again, I love me some instagram.


  1. YAY TROY!! Big congratulations to him and you! I know it's been a rough road but you are one strong woman, and I know you're both proud of each other :)

    You always look pretty but that one pic of you and Troy @ dinner...dang woman, you are one hooooot mamma!

    Love you guys!

    1. Thanks! It's been tough, but we sure are glad to be settled and in one place for AT LEAST the next 3 years.

      It's the dress. White House Black Market :)

  2. Awesome! Proud of Troy and the whole family. Great blog Natalie!

    -Adam, Britt, Riley, and Pepper

    1. Thanks so much! I hope you guys are enjoying being closer to home! We miss you. And Optimus misses Riley.


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