Friday, August 24, 2012

Troy's Birthday and God's Miracles

Today is Troy's 27th birthday. Well, technically it was yesterday. But I am writing this post now and posting it tomorrow. 27 is a funny number to me. Troy and I are pretty close in age. His birthday is August 23rd and mine is a little over a month away on October 4th. Then we will both be the same age again.

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but recently, I am always forgetting how old I am. I ALWAYS knew my age before because there were milestones to reach.

18? Piercings, tattoos, voting, cigarettes. In order of importance you see ;) I kid, I kid.

21? Obvious. Hello.

25? Rent a car. Not that this is particularly awesome. But still a milestone.

I keep wanting to tell people that I am 25 because I forget how old I am. Time speeds up the older you get and again with the more things/people/animals that you are responsible for taking care of. It totally sucks. And is awesome at the same time. Truly. The things that cause your life to speed up and pass quickly are the exact same things that make you want your life to slow down so that you can remember them and enjoy them. SAVOR them even.

When I hit 26, all of the sudden, it's like my brain went into age denial. I cannot remember how old I am. I literally have to think of my birth year, think of what year it currently is and do the math. The other day I wrote 2011 on a check. I'm not kidding. So I still get my age wrong on occasion.

Now that 27 is approaching quickly, I realize that 30 is looming. Big and scary. I remember that when 20 came, it was AWESOME because I only had one more year to 21. Which EVERYONE does the countdown for. 26 came and I still rounded down, knowing I was closer to 25. 27 is RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE. It's round UP time. Oh no. 30 to me is scary. I have no idea why. In my mind, I thought that I would be done having kids when I was 30. Which may or may not happen. If you are a close friend and I have cried on your shoulder, you know that I have a heck of a time getting pregnant and then staying pregnant. Ugh.

It is an absolute MIRACLE that there are so many healthy and normal people walking around. So many steps have to occur with the the just right timing and in the just right order. And the intervention of God. It's absolutely incredible that there are people walking around, talking, inventing, growing, and making more people. The biology of growing a human is so complex, it's a wonder that babies are born everyday. It's absolutely incredible.

I look at Avery every day and think of what a miracle she is. How special she is. How God has blessed our family in ways I can't even fathom. Whenever I think "why isn't this easier?" or "why isn't this FUN?" or "why won't my body work the way it should?" I remind myself of everything horrible that Troy and I have been though and how if all those awful things hadn't happened, I wouldn't have my perfect beautiful angel in my arms. When I hear people say, "everything happens on God's time" after something awful happens, I want to punch them. Looking back, that is SO true. More true than I want to admit. When I look back, I realize that a series of unfortunate events lead to the most precious, beautiful thing in my life. I continue to tell myself that now. It's easier to cope with now that I already have a baby to comfort myself with.

Troy was a blessing to his parents 27 years ago and finding him was a blessing to me. Thank you so much to Troy's parents for raising such a thoughtful, generous, understanding, loving, and God fearing man.

I say all this, because I am an impossible woman. I say the wrong things, I am impatient, and I hate bacon. Sacrilegious, I know. Troy knows all my insecurities and he manages to say the right things, be patient with me, and loves bacon dipped in ranch (I can literally think of nothing nastier). He is confident in God's plan for us and our future. We met through divine intervention at church youth group when we were 16 and like to joke that we were "womb mates" because our parents knew each other when our mommas were pregnant at the same time with us.

Happy (belated) Birthday to best husband, father, and man I know. I love you.

You're closer to 30 than me. Na-na-na-na-boo-boo :)


  1. You guys are too cute. Honestly, 30 isnt that bad...just turned 30 in July and I am loving it.:) Love ya lady.

    1. I'm pretty sure when I actually TURN 30 that will be one thing, but the idea of it is scary! Hope having your hubby home is a breath of fresh air! Talk to you soon!

  2. Savor every moment, good and bad. They all serve a purpose. AND when you really are old the regrets will pale in comparison to the joys.


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