Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pumpkin Painting Party (Troy is NOT Invited Next Year)

Avery is my little pumpkin. My little painting pumpkin. My little pumpkin painted a pumpkin. She calls it a ball. It's SOO cute. She's sees it on the counter when we walk by and she's like BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLL!

I got this idea from The Petersiks. Avery had a grand ole' time with it. Troy did not. He took tons of pictures and tried not to gag. Seriously. He cannot STAND to see her dirty. The whole time she's LOVING it and he's like, "Oh my God. Look at her. Oh gross. Oh God. You have to give her a bath. Ugh. Oh no. That's disgusting." He seriously cannot stand when she's dirty. This child had the CLEANEST face ever while eating. Except for this time:

That was the first time Troy ever let her eat on her own. And he couldn't even LOOK at her. In all fairness, refried beans may not have been the best choice. But hindsight is always 20/20.

But that is neither here nor there. This is about Avery's pumpkin. We started with this:

Then we went out on our new patio (WAHOOO) and sat on a big cardboard box. I put a sheet of tinfoil on the box and just picked out a few colors and put the paint on the tin foil. I'm glad the random colors I picked (when mixed together) didn't turn brown. Cause she started swirling them around and around.

You can see in this picture where she rubbed her hands in the paint. She liked how it felt. I realize she isn't old enough to "get" painting BUT she definitely understood the cause and effect. She "got" the whole "there is something on my hands and if I rub them on this than it changes color." So she was all over it. Literally. It started where I held the pumpkin and she painted it. If you look closely, you can see that her tongue is out. I think it must be reflex. Think hard, tongue out. I love her :)

Then she decided that she wanted to hold it and keep painting. And then she threw it. And yelled "BAAAAAAAAAAAAALL!!" Oops. Oh well. Her belly, arms, and inside of her legs and feet were COVERED in paint. Troy was all, "Oh God. You're giving her a bath." And then she kissed the newly painted pumpkin. Troy was like "CALL THE POISON CONTROL CENTER!!" I laughed. And then I kissed her face and got paint on my mouth. And Troy almost flat lined.

How can you resist this face??? I can't.

And here are our pumpkins after we peeled the tape off hers and carved ours. We are smitten! Happy Halloween!

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