Monday, November 19, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen Part 1: Planning

I started trolling Pinterest over a year ago for ideas for a play kitchen. Here are some of my favorites (from here, here, and here):

This one is from vintagesongbird:

This one is from giggleberrycreations:

And this one is from YoungHouseLove. If you haven't picked up their book yet, you are MISSING OUT! It's awesome.

I hit up Craigslist looking for something to use as a base. I didn't have luck. Why does everyone think their stuff is worth SO much. It's used, people! Price fairly! I'm not paying 50 bucks for a tiny overhead cabinet that I can buy new for less! I'm not buying a LAMINATE entertainment center that's rocking for over 100 bucks. Get real.

I decided to go to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and picked up this stuff:

An old kitchen cabinet for 39$

An old sink for 25$. I could have gotten a mixing bowl for a sink and a fake faucet, but I really wanted a real one because it is a fine motor manipulative that really turns and works. So the price was higher for the sink rather than individual pieces, but it was worth it for me. And less work. All we'll have to do is cut one hole and caulk around the sink rather than cut a hole for a bowl and glue it and find/paint/glue a faucet and knobs that wouldn't turn.

A little towel holder for 3$ NEW IN THE BOX! 2 drawer pulls for 1.50 each. 1 for the oven door and 1 for the cabinet.

Oven knobs off of a broken oven FREE!! There was a sign on the oven that said it was broken. I asked how long it had been there (over 4 months) and if I could have the knobs...WIN!

As I stated above, I have been planning to do this for over a year and finally (with Christmas breathing down my neck) I jumped the gun. In my planning, I had picked up a couple things from IKEA last fall. That I miraculously did not lose in our moves.

A basket of veggies

A fish tray

I asked my cousin Laura to swing by IKEA in San Diego and pick up a few things for me before they come for Thanksgiving:

Pots and pans

A baking set

Breakfast food


I'm planning on covering the hole in the backing with some art. I don't know if I will make the spot look like a window and put an outdoor scene in a frame or just make it abstract art. I'm still planning.

Troy said that after all the projects I have tackled in the past few months, I'm on hold until after my sister's wedding in April. I may actually die before then. Or paint and repurpose stuff in our house that he already likes...we'll see how he takes that...MUAHAHAHAHAHA (that's my evil laugh).

Now that you've seen the plan, I need some help. If you live in the Vegas area:

1. I need to borrow a jig-saw. Do you have one that we can borrow for the afternoon?

2. Now that Troy has given me the project ultimatum until April, do you need help with something? I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!! I may actually die between Christmas and April 14th. Contact me via email or text message or facebook message if you need someone with elbow grease. I'm your girl :)

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