Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Avery and the Barnyard!!

Avery is the best. She is such a joy and blessing in our lives everyday. She makes us laugh constantly. Avery has got MOST of the animals noises down. She is walking around the house cockadoodledoing (more like a yodel) and I just want to squeeze her it's so cute. Here are the animals she's got down:

- Cow (moo)
- Sheep (baa)
- Monkey (aaaaaaaaah)
- Horse (nay)
- Rooster (doodleloodleloo)
- Cat (mow)
- Dog (woooof)
- Duck (wey wey)
- Lion (raaaaaaaw)

That's a terrible explanation. So without further ado, Avery making animal noises:

Totally adorable, right?

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