Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Fall Line Up

Shows on our fall line up include (but are not limited to):


- Hoarders - This show just makes me feel good about my life. How do people do this to themselves? It's crazy. There are the nasty episodes where people save all their poop and pee in jars. It's gross. BUT THEN there are people who collect BOOKS. Like tens of thousands of books. It's scary because if my mom didn't reign in my stepdad, I totally feel like this could be him. I just love seeing what people consider their "treasures." It's fascinating.

- Intervention - Ditto for this show. These people are a hot mess. I feel like every ending is a surprise twist. Not as intense as "The 6th Sense." But just enough to keep me coming back for more. I. Can't. Look. Away. 18 year old alcoholic? Check! 70 year old meth addict? Check! 30 year old addicted to bath salts? Check! It really shows that no age, race, or background is off limits. It makes me scared that I could really mess up my kids though...definitely something to think about.


- Parenthood - I literally cannot tell you how good this show is. If it EVER gets cancelled I will cry. Loudly and profusely. Outside the studio. While holding protest signs. Is that a threat? No. It's a promise. You heard it here first. If Congress is going to stop funding PBS, it can start funding a good family show like Parenthood. It is far too wholesome, real, and educational (about social situations) to be cancelled.

If you are not watching this show, you need to watch it. Immediately. It will SHOCK you how well this show is acted. Especially for the ages of some of the children. Troy thinks that one of the kids HAS to actually have autism because there is NO way he can be that awesome of an actor. He deserves an Emmy.

I can't say enough good things. No topic is off limits. PTSD. Cancer. Autism. Blended families. Biracial marriage. Adoption. Teen sex. Drug use. Divorce. Empty nest syndrome. It's just awesome. Watch it. This is the ONE show that Troy and I sit and watch without distractions every single week. It will really show that you have NO idea what someone is going through and to try and be patient and understanding with every single person you will ever meet.

- New Girl - This is quirky, HILARIOUS humor. How this girl gets into these situations, I will never know. Also how the writers make a 30 minute show out of some of these topics is genius. The 1 liners are quick, fast, and witty. This is SMART humor and I've never watched another show like it. I wish I knew these people in real life. They are so relatable. It's like the way to want to act, but don't have the guts to act. I was introduced to this show by my brother, Tyler, and his wife, Meridith. I watched the first show with them and haven't missed an episode since.

PS. Something about Jess's character reminds me SO much of Meridith and something about Schmidt reminds me of Tyler. I think it's Tyler's blatant disregard for what other people think about his quirks. Let your freak flag fly, bro.


- Survivor - I just can't stop. It's good every season.


- Grey's Anatomy - Part of me is so ready to quit this show. And then they'll have a GREAT episode. And it reels me back in. I hear it's getting cancelled soon. I think I'll be ready. Not like Parenthood (I'll never be ready).

- Glee - They are currently doing this thing where they introduce new characters because others are graduating and moving on with their "post Glee Club" life. Which I totally support. I hate shows where you're like, "Um, this has been on for 6 years and you can't pull off 16 anymore, buddy." And they're doing a great job of integrating them into the show. So well done Ryan Murphy. Well done. The cover they did of "Some Nights" last week was AMAZEBALLS.

- Big Bang Theory - I LOVE THIS SHOW. Troy and I didn't get into it until about 6 months ago. We were living in TLF in New Mexico and didn't really have anything else to do except for watch re-runs of shows on TBS. And we started watching Big Bang re-runs religiously. And on Netflix. It is SO funny. I love it. The writing is genius. Literally. I makes nerds cool. And physics cool. And comic books. And action figures. It's great. I need tissues for this show too. To wipe away the tears of laughter.


- Once Upon a Time - I am starting to have a hard time following this. It's getting complicated and introducing new characters right now should not be allowed. Now, we watched "Lost" so I am accustomed with how the writers like to do things, but I'm getting a little "Lost." I'm pun-ny... If anyone has a suggestion (other than keeping a diary or joining a forum) for how to keep up with all the story lines on this show right now, that would be awesome. I love this show when I can follow it, but it's haaaaaaaard.

What is everyone else watching? Make no mistake, we have a DVR. We are almost ALWAYS over a week behind. Last night we watched Parenthood and Glee from Thanksgiving week, so we were doing okay keeping caught up. Any good recommendations?

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