Thursday, December 6, 2012

Troy's Family Tradition

Troy has this thing where the youngest person in the household ALWAYS puts the star on top of the tree...

Exhibit A: Avery is only 6 months old

Okay, so in that picture she's not exactly putting the star on the tree. And I also didn't realize how bald she was at this time last year. BUT this is a similar set up to last year. Last year, Troy held her like this (see above) and I stood on a chair and held her hands onto a star and she "put" the star on the tree. He was super insistent about this.

This year was no different. Avery was VERY intrigued by the tree and excited about all the lights. Pre-lit tree y'all. It saved our marriage after the first year of Christmas together. We CAN NOT agree about how to put lights on the tree. Pre-lit is the way to go. No more arguing :) Win-win. With WHITE lights. It's the way we roll. Correction: If I would allow GIANT colored bulbs, Troy would be thrilled. But I just can't. I'm a white light tree girl.

She attempted for about 2 minutes to put the star on the tree. It was adorable.

Troy gave her a little help (and held her up at the same time) while I took pictures. She was concentrating hard. Look at that double chin. I just love it :)

After a little furniture moving, here's what we got. We waited until after Avery's bedtime to actually put ornaments on the tree. She's not quite old enough yet. I'm pretty sure that next year she'll be able to help.

Troy pretty much made fun of me the whole time. I would unwrap an ornament and be like, "OH THIS IS MY FAVORITE." And then unwrap the next one and be like "Oh no. THIS ONE is my favorite." I just love Instagram. And I love Christmas decorations. And Jesus. He's the reason for season.

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