Wednesday, December 5, 2012

DIY Play Kitchen Part 2: Decorations


Troy and I are building Avery a play kitchen out of an overhead kitchen cabinet I snagged for $39 from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. You can read about all the details here.

Since then, I have made some decisions about decorations and color.

I was on the fence between hanging an outdoor photo and curtains to cover the hole in the back of the cabinet or hanging art.

I decided to go with art. I headed over to Michael's with some online coupons for ideas. I ended up snagging a 3 frame picture frame that was 7.99$ and using a 50% of 1 item coupon.

I painted on some paper, red acrylic paint and a brush that I already owned. This is what I came up with. It is going to hang down longways with the spoon at the top to cover the hole, which will be right over the sink.

I also grabbed some "oven burners" while I was there. In the wood section, there were raised circular trivets for about 50 cents a piece, so I grabbed 4. I didn't have any grey paint, so I just mixed some up at home with black and white and painted all 4. They will need a good coat of clear finish, but overall, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out.

This should give you a mental image of where I'm going with this whole thing. We also found a jig saw for cutting the sink hole and "oven door" for the plexiglass. All I can say is THANK GOODNESS my Dad is here this weekend. He says the sink is going to be tricky, so I'm glad that he's here to help with some of that. Once we get the kitchen configured, I can get to the FUN stuff. Painting and accessorizing. You know, the girly stuff :)

I already got the paint colors for the kitchen (paint and primer in one for us lazy DIYers) and picked up some tap lights for inside the oven and for overhead. I also got a small 8x10 piece of plexiglass for the oven window.

Laura came through with all the bakeware and food but we are short the pots and pans.

She sent me this picture from her Ikea run:

THE WHOLE SHELF IS EMPTY!! You can see the bakeware in the picture to the right. Don't worry, my friend's mom is running by Ikea in DC to get those so that Avery can make us some macaroni and cheese on Christmas day. SO EXCITED!

But as a side note: HOW DOES LAS VEGAS NOT HAVE AN IKEA?!?!?!? That is just crazy town. The closest IKEA is in southern California, almost 4 hours away. Annoying. And Ikea doesn't ship a lot of things. Furniture mostly and almost none of the smaller, cute, and functional things. Sad face :(


  1. Looking awesome!! Can't wait to play with it :)

  2. My mom bought all the stuff you asked for and more...obviously.

    I think there might be a little apron in Avery's future from Mrs. Wendy :)


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