Monday, January 7, 2013

Avery's (very belated) 18 Month Check Up

I was a bad mommy. For whatever reason, I didn't realize that Avery needed to go to a 15 month check up. So we skipped it. Oops.

She turned 18 months old on November 7th. So the week of Halloween, I called the clinic to make Avery an appointment in pediatrics for her 18 month well baby appointment. And there wasn't any availability until December 20th...oops. SO she had her 18 month appointment at 19 1/2 months. Or really her SUPER belated 15 month appointment.

Luckily, when we in-processed into Nellis, we took all of her records from her 12 mo appointment to pediatrics (it was done at an Army facility and we didn't know if the records could be accessed from an Air Force facility). We were sent over to immunizations when we gave them her records and she got some shots, so luckily, even though I'm getting serious bad mommy points for being late, her shots were up to date!! GO ME! Sort of...

She is averaging the 77th percentile for height and weight and then is in the 99th percentile for her head size. She's got a big head...what can I say?

She still needed 2 shots. Thank goodness Troy was there for her appointment. I HATE holding her down on the mat. Her fat little legs look so sad all pinned down.

Apparently when kids are between 15 and 18 months, they get blood work to look at calcium and some enzymes. So, being the good mom that I am, I let Troy hold her down while I took pictures. Bad mommy points again, huh?

They used the TINIEST little needle. She sat on Troy's lap and he held her legs between his legs and held her left arm to her body. One of the techs held her right arm straight and another tech drew her blood. IT WAS SOOOOO QUICK! And the tech was great! She got the vein right away. I could totally sympathize with Avery's pain because I HATE HATE HATE needles.

Look how she's staring at me like "MOOOOM! How can you let them do this to me???"

The second they were done, they put a pretty red Coban wrap on her arm and I scooped her up for a mommy hug. She was fine immediately and back to toddling around the lab yelling "HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!" to everyone.

I guess it couldn't have been that bad, right? I'm just glad Troy was there and the techs were fast!


  1. Poor Avery! It's not bad mommy points, I make my husband hold our kids for shots/bloodwork every time I can!

    1. Haha okay good! Glad to know I'm not the only one :)


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