Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lindsey's Bachelorette Weekend - Day 1

My big sister Lindsey is getting MARRIED April 13th. Her bachelorette party was in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend and I had the PLEASURE of attending. It was my first time going anywhere without Avery when I was not breastfeeding (read: I could drink and not pump and dump or have to get up and take care of a toddler).

I asked Troy's friend Jared to drive me to the airport because my flight was at 6am out of Las Vegas, which has HORRENDOUS security lines and I didn't want Troy and Avery getting drug out of bed at 4am, knowing that they would end up being up for the day and their schedule would be thrown off.

I went to bed early wednesday night, setting an alarm to shower and finish packing at 3:15am. So of course I turned off my alarm and was like, "I'll just lay here for a second" and then I heard the doorbell at 4am and shot out of bed like a rocket. I let Jared in and left him in the foyer, saying "OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY. GIVE ME 15 MINUTES AND I WILL BE DOWN AND READY!!!" I am a champion at getting ready. My normal shower, hair, dress, and makeup time is about 30 minutes. So 15 was pushing it. But I'm awesome and we were walking out the door at 4:17am and I put on my makeup in the car.

Anyway, I made it to the gate and our gate people informed us all that the seat assignments we received did not match the kind of plane we were on, so we all had to be reassigned. Awesome, right? My layover in Atlanta was only 40 minutes and we didn't take off until 6:45 so we were already running 45 minutes late. We made up some time in the air, but I was still RUNNING through the airport in Atlanta. Forget a relaxing trip without children, my friends...

I made the flight and landed in Savannah on time. YAY! My sister was caught in traffic so I decided to grab a hot dog snack from Nathan's.

We got to the house that we rented and it was AMAZING! Old school craftsman house with 4 queen beds, a king, and a pull out bed. There were a total of 12 of us, so it was perfect. We got there and unpacked the RV (that half of the girls came in with my Dad as the driver) and got settled in our rooms. We cracked open some wine and had minestrone and roasted butternut squash soup for dinner with rolls and crackers.

As a sidenote: I HATE when people call it "mine-strone." I say min-a-stro-nee. I think I was the ONLY person there who called it this and I was like, UM HELLLLOOO you are weird. However, I'm pretty sure that I say it wrong, so ummmm awkward...

Anyway. The first night was "wigging out" theme and I was SO impressed. We had all colors of the rainbow. It is also important to note that the 1st night, there were only 9 of us because 3 people came Saturday (Lindsey's MIL and 2 SILs). So the group pic is only 9 of us.

In the picture are Lindsey (lady Gaga), Taylor (Frenchie) and me (long purple), 3 girls that Lindsey works with (blue bob, red bob, and redneck blonde), her best friend Mariette (black rocker wig), Elaine (green) and Nicole (afro).

This sign was on all the windows of the cabs that we took all weekend. HILARIOUS. But it did not apply to us at any point :)

Here is Taylor looking all cute. Mariette found these temporary tattoos that were mustaches for your fingers, so we all wore them out. Taylor's matched her pink wig. And her pink drink.

Sister shot :) We had a great time!

We went to this rooftop bar first that had these big long outdoor fireplaces. BUT it was raining so they were off. Sadness. We all had 1 drink there and then headed out to a karaoke bar. It wasn't that awesome of a place MOSTLY because the karaoke guy didn't like country so he didn't have ANY on his list of songs. WHAT!?!? It's your job for people to have fun, not for you to have fun or like what you're listening to. Just sayin'.

One of Lindsey's friends from work made friends with an older gentleman who bought us a couple rounds of drinks (THANKS KATIE) and we did end up finding some songs that we liked :) We actually had a pretty early night and were all home and in bed by 12.

Day 2 coming up next!


  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR COMING!! I could NOT have had a better Bachelorette Party! Love you! Give kisses to Troy and Avery.

  2. Sounds fun so far!
    I too say it "min-a-stro-nee".


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