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Lindsey's Bachelorette Weekend: Day 2

Day 2 of Bachelorette Weekend in Savannah, Georgia starts now. You can read about day 1 here.

I slept later on friday morning than I have slept since before I got pregnant with Avery. I normally wake up around 730 whether Avery is awake or not. I slept until almost 10. UNHEARD OF. Seriously crazy.

I woke up shocked and snagged a cup of coffee and visited with everyone hanging out in the living room. People were already rotating through showers, so I jumped in when it was my turn. We all headed out around 11:15 for a walk down to the "main drag" of Savannah, which is on a river.

It was a pretty good walk, taking us about 30 minutes and we headed to our lunch destination, a place called Vic's. It was a seafood place and all 9 of us had our fill of shrimp and grits, calamari, steak, and general southern goodness. And butter. They go together.

I cannot tell you how quaint Savannah is. It's so cute.

Things I learned while visiting there:

1. The scenes from Forrest Gump where he is sitting on the bench waiting for the bus and talking to all those people, took place in a park in Savannah. This park to be exact:

2. The phrase "Keeping up with the Jones" originated in Savannah. Jones Street is the most BEAUTIFUL street I have ever walked down. I guess the phrase started there because all of the neighbors were/are forever trying to keep their homes nice and all the other neighbors feel the pressure to "keep up with each other" financially and socially. You can see why:

3. The oldest movie theater south of the Mason-Dixon line is located in Savannah. It looked like the movie theater in The Notebook. Adorable.

4. I keep wondering the money from the bailout went. SO. MUCH. MONEY. Well, Obama allocated some of the money to Savannah to build a movie studio. I didn't know this, but Paula Dean has SEVERE agoraphobia and hates to travel. She was traveling up to New York very frequently to film her show. When the money came to Savannah, she started filming her show there instead of in New York. So filming her show in Savannah boosted the economy and tourism. I thought that was SO interesting.

After our walk, we headed to The Art Bash. It's a step by step painting class and they provide beverages to "assist in not being so critical of your work" so that you can have fun with the class. We had sangria and were painting "The Snowy Egret."

I thought the 2 instructors were GREAT. We had some pretty critical artists in our group with lots of questions and wanted exact step by step instructions. For example:

Instructor: Ok so now you mix blue and white and swoop down to make a shape like this.

Lady 1: Wait. Like how much blue? Like mostly blue and little white? Is that more of a half a heart or like a semicircle??

Lady 2: I accidentally mixed purple. Can I just do that?

Lady 3: NOOOOOOOOO I suck!! FIX MINE I NEED HELP! My drink is empty...

Instructor: Just a little blue, you're trying to make a shadow. Yes more of a heart shape. I'll be back in a second to help you. And I'll bring you a refill.

Lady 2: Purple is okay though right? He'll just be fancy.

Lady 1 to Lady 3: Your grass looks WAY better than mine. Mine is like fire and yours is like did you blend that? I NEED HELP OVER HERE!

Instructor: Okay we're moving on.

Lady 3: MY DRINK MY DRINK! Crap I stuck my paintbrush in my sangria instead of my water....noooooooo

Instructor: That's happened before.

Literally. It went on like that for 2 hours. Hilarious.

Lindsey attends a studio like this in her home town in Florida pretty regularly, so she was a seasoned pro. Some people had never picked up a paintbrush in their lives, but EVERYONE loved it and came away with a similar, yet oddly unique painting.

Here is a group shot of everyone and their pictures:

Isn't that so much fun?? I loved it. I bought 2 groupons for a studio that does this in Vegas and going to the class made me SO excited to use them.

We walked back to the house and Lindsey's mother in law had made HOMEMADE lasagna for dinner. DELICIOUS! Seriously awesome. Her secret ingredient is a layer of sour cream. Guess it's not a secret anymore, but wow, it was good.

Then it was time to get decked out for 80's prom night. OH LORD. We were a scene for sure.

I didn't get a group shot...I'm not sure if anyone did. I'll update this later if one turns up. I did get lots of video. We got dressed and had a few drinks and then headed out to a dueling piano bar called Savannah Smiles. It was pretty great. Here is a smattering of pictures:

Here are a few girls before we left the house. You can get an idea of the decor and feel inside the house too.

Another group of girls in the piano bar.

Best. Picture. Ever. Elaine and her BFF Nicole:

Another sister shot of Taylor, Lindsey, and me:

Another group shot that shows a little more of our 80's prom outfits:

My dad stopped by the bar to say hi to us (aka make sure we were ok and buy us all a round of drinks) so I got a picture on his lap. You should have seen the look of ABSOLUTE HORROR when he saw us dancing in the bar.

Here is a picture of Taylor and me with her rocking her 80's Madonna look like a champ:

And here are some videos of the ridiculous for your viewing pleasure.

I hit a wall while we were there. I was fine one second and then I was like, "I'm ready to go home. Now." So 4 of us grabbed the second cab of the night home. A group of about 6 stayed out until about 330am. Lindsey was in that group. They went to a bar called Saddlebags...complete with a mechanical bull. Seriously. They went to a bar with a mechanical bull while decked out in their 80's prom dresses and leggings. Don't forget the side ponytails...As a sidenote, leggings and fishnets stockings are NOT awesome when trying to ride a mechanical bull. It's like trying to grab a slicked up pig. It just don't work.

This is an actual conversation that took place the next morning between Lindsey and her sister in law (who never drinks or goes out with her 3 children at home):

Lindsey: Oh my gosh...are you feeling okay??

(Maryedith walks into the kitchen with her hair still in a french braid and a hot pink scrunchie in her hair)

Maryedith: I don't remember how we got home and I don't know where my purse is...

Lindsey: Check out this bruise on my leg.

Maryedith: HOLY COW how did you get that?

Lindsey: Well probably from the mechanical bull throwing me around last night.


Lindsey: (laughing so hard) Maryedith. You did too...

awkward silence.

Taylor took "mugshots" of all of us on Saturday morning after 80's prom night. So I'm definitely jumping the gun to day 3...but this was just too good not to share in THIS post:

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