Thursday, September 19, 2013

Avery's First Trip to the Dentist

HOLY MOLY long hiatus from blogging. I'm back. Promise. I have time to blog. Seriously. But life is pretty boring. Which is a good thing. We are now back to regularly scheduled blogging.

When I took Avery to her 2 year well baby check, they asked all kinds of questions. I took her almost 3 months late (oops). Many of the questions were about her dental care. Apparently I was being too passive and not forward enough regarding her teeth. The pediatrician told me that by the age of 2, your kids should have a trip to the dentist scheduled. From asking around now, the age that kids go to the dentist varies pediatrician to pediatrician. But either way, Troy called the next day and had Avery added to our dental plan so that we could start hunting around for a dentist.

We asked around and got a recommendation from a family in our bible study group. I hemmed and hawed and procrastinated. My mom came to visit almost 2 months AFTER we got Avery added to our dental plan and she made me call the dentist. Luckily, I was able to get an appointment 2 days after my call so my mom could take her. See, I'm still on bedrest (boooooooring) and Troy is working full time so options for adult supervision at the dentist were limited. We took full advantage of my mom's visit and she took Avery to the dentist.

Avery did great. I keep wondering if it would have gone worse if I was there. She might've been all "moooommmy, mooooommmmmy, nooooo." Either way, she did awesome and my mom documented the whole thing for your viewing pleasure.

Avery in the waiting room. Seriously, how cute is the decor? I asked my mom if it was painted on or wall paper, and it was painted. There was a television inside a tooth shaped frame too. ADORABLE.

Apparently, Avery jumped right up into the chair and laid down. Shocking, I know. This is Dr. Amy. She showed Avery everything and let Avery touch everything before it went into her mouth.

Using the scrubber on Avery's fingers so she would know what it felt like.

They had a flat screen mounted to the ceiling playing Ice Age. Which helped. Avery pretty much fixated on the TV the whole time and was fine. This was Avery's view from the chair.

The first thing Dr. Amy did was floss Avery's bottom teeth. Apparently, Avery's teeth are a little crowded on the bottom, which is indicative of crowding when adult teeth come in. DARN! Braces are in our future. But her top teeth were great. No flossing required.

Next it was time for cleaning. She let Avery touch the brush again and gave her a dinosaur to hold.

That's the water squirty thing and the sucky thing. Yes, those are technical terms and you all know which thingys I'm talking about. She cleaned Avery's teeth and then told her to kiss the sucky thing. Which she did. Unaffected. While watching the movie.

I LOVE this picture. She looks like such a big girl with all that stuff in her mouth. Haha.

Getting her back teeth cleaned.

And she got flouride too. It was really tacky and Avery wasn't allowed to brush her teeth until the next day. Which was very sad for her because she got presents from the dentist. Including a new ELECTRIC toothbrush with all the Disney princesses on it. She was very disappointed. Like scream and throw the sealed package because we wouldn't open it disappointed. Anyway.....she got a balloon (one of her favorite things EVER), the electric toothbrush, a tooth shaped fan, and a squeaker frog (so annoying and was immediately confiscated by mom). But overall, she was GREAT at the dentist and I'm not worried about taking her again.


  1. Wish I would have thought to take pics of my girls' first dental appointments. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Susan Horby
    Your mother did a great job as did Avery. At times she looked somewhat scared, but she was a trooper and stayed with it.

  3. The movie while doing the actual procedure is a nice touch. That would definitely give the much needed distraction from what's happening to her. And hopefully it would make her more amiable to going to the dentist in the future!

    Randy | Houston Smile Docs

  4. Aww, Avery looks too cute! There was certainly a small amount of anxiety in her eyes, but the dentist gracefully handled that by sharing a toy with her and letting her know that the equipment being used isn't going to harm her. Kudos for taking good care of your kid's teeth!

    Pearl Cook @ Summer Brook Dental


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