Sunday, August 2, 2015

Cecil the Lion vs. Planned Parenthood - What is YOUR issue?

I really, really just can not hold it in anymore. I want to, but the thing is, my newsfeed on Facebook is absolutely overrun with people standing up for a lion, expressing outrage over its death, calling for this devil dentist hunter to be extradited to Zimbabwe, tarred and feathered, drug through the street, cast into the depths of hell, or worse.

And truly, I agree. It is terrible. Really. But it's terrible when ANY part of God's creation is murdered.

The sheer number of people who are speaking out about this is absolutely profound and it seems everyone has an opinion about the appropriate punishment for Walter Palmer.

BUT. This lion was never going to be the President of the United States. Or win a nobel prize. Or lead people to Jesus. Or cure cancer. I mean, sure, he was a majestic and beautiful creature. And displayed some great social interaction with humans. BUT HE WAS NOT A HUMAN!

Which brings me to my next point.

ACTUAL human beings are being killed everyday through abortion and human versus human acts of violence. We are KILLING each other, like intentional, premeditated murder. And very few people are in an outrage in the media or on my newsfeed about preventative death of fellow man. Who knows how many abortions have resulted in the deaths of future Albert Einsteins, Steve Jobs, Mother Theresas, or Beyonces.


Stand behind an issue that could change lives.

In addition, right wing crazies who are saying Planned Parenthood needs to be shut down need to step off their soapboxes. You cannot, in one breath, say, "I am pro-life, NO ABORTIONS FOR ANY REASON EVER" and then in the next breath, say that all government entitlements need to be reexamined and revoked.

You are not pro-life. You are pro-birth.

Don't EVER high five a mom for keeping her baby that she can't afford, or doesn't have the family support to raise an infant and then after her baby is born say that she can't have healthcare for her child. Or food stamps. Or WIC. If you are "pro-life" you also must support these moms who made the decision to keep their baby and then need the assistance to keep their children alive. The hypocrisy is crazy to me. You can't be pro-life and be against providing those same women with entitlements and education to keep their children fed and healthy.

If you can't be this ^ definition of "pro-life" that I have outlined, then you should definitely support Planned Parenthood because 97% of their funding goes towards women's health, birth control and education. If you don't want these women to receive entitlements to assist in paying for their children (which they chose not to abort) then be supportive of them PREVENTING MORE UNWANTED PREGNANCIES!

I'm not saying that all the drama surrounding Planned Parenthood doesn't need additional investigating, but saying they need to be "shut down" is an ill-informed lie. Stop watching Fox News. Planned Parenthood is so much more than providing abortions for women in poverty.

Please get behind an issue that matters to the future of humans. Please support women. OR ALL HUMANS. Stop picking and choosing when it's okay to care about people. God commands us to love him and love each other.

In the age of "political correctness" so many people are afraid to say what they think about controversial issues out of fear of offending someone. It's much easier to say, "that poor lion was murdered" because who is going to be offended? It's the truth. Saying that we are MURDERING future doctors, inventors, teachers, or clergy is much harder.

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