Monday, August 31, 2015

Kinley Colors


She's supposed to be my good baby. Caris is my mischievous one. But my first child to color furniture was Kinley. I never would have thought.

Avery loves to color. Like, for hours. Sit her down with a coloring book and a box of markers and we won't hear from her for 2-3 hours, with occasional requests for a drink. I'm serious.

Unfortunately, the twins think that coloring is like the unicorn of all activities. Whenever they get the chance they're like COLOR!!!!


In the mouth. With occasional good aim on paper. It definitely requires supervision.

When I got home from work the other day, our nanny was coloring with the kids and I started dinner while she was still there. When she left, I mommy-brained and forgot they were coloring.

When I looked up, Kinley was standing on a chair, booty up in the air, coloring on our kitchen chairs. I should have known...she was being quiet. Quiet = trouble

She had colored on EVERY CHAIR in the EXACT SAME SPOT.

Avery definitely has about 50 markers that are in this giant marker tower. <<<<----click here to see it And Kinley somehow got a hold of the ONLY black marker. And boy, did she go for it. The most shocking part was that Avery didn't tell me. She is definitely in the tattle tale phase with her sisters right now.

Kinley's sweet face when I told her "NO" and took her precious marker away.

I couldn't stay mad at her for long.

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