Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tickle Monster

So I grew up with a mom who "tickled me." Not like, haha. But like gently with her fingernails, make your hair stand up in a good way tickling.

Now, as a mom, I'm pretty she did it all the time because it made me sit down and shut up. It feels so good. Troy loves it and my kids love it.

Caris is a busy, busy child. She hardly EVER sits down or shuts up. She is constantly making noise, whether it be from knocking things over and making a mess or yelling. Or a combination of the two. She's the closest thing to a boy that Troy is going to get.

Caris LOVES getting tickled. Like, come sit on your lap and picks up your hand with hers to put on her skin. And demands to be tickled. And is never done.

How cute is this? For real. You also hear Kinley singing her ABCs.

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