Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stitch Fix #5 - September 2015

YAY!!! It's Stitch Fix day! If you missed my last box, here it is!! <<<---click here. You sign up, fill out a style detailed style profile about yourself, pick a day, and VOILA! Clothes and accessories arrive on your doorstep. You try everything on, keep what you want, send the rest back in a prepaid envelope. When you check out online, they charge you for what you kept. There are a few more details than that, but click here for more details.

On to the fun part. The stuff:

Here's my box. Freshly opened and wrapped.

Here's the styling card with my note from Katie - who is my stylist. She is the same one from last month who sent me the 5/5 keeper box. I requested to keep her in my note when I checked out last time.

Here are all the clothes, laid out and unboxed. I try and get dressed, fix my hair and style all the clothes with SOMETHING from my own closet so I know I'm filling a hole in my wardrobe if I decide to keep something.

Here is the asymmetrical zip up jacket. I think the collar is a little big. I love the style though...just wish the collar was smaller. It's a little short as well. But it feels well made and really soft. I just don't think it's something I'd reach for as a jacket. It's too thick for a cardigan or everyday wear. Verdict: RETURN

I like it a lot better unzipped. It looks more flowy. I also paired it with the jeans from my last fix.

Here's the plaid shirt. At first glance, I thought this was a for sure keeper. After putting it on, it's a definite no. It feels crunchy. Like cheap crunchy. I love the details though. The buttons, inside of the sleeves and collar are all a black and white plaid that is adorable. But for the price, it better feel awesome and wash well, which I don't think it will. Verdict: RETURN

Here is the mixed material top. The front has a slight textured print and the backing and sleeves is a thick jersey. It feels AMAZING and I'm super into 3/4 length sleeves. It hangs great and it's a perfect fall color with a pair of boots and long necklace. I love the neck also. The v-neck part splits and transitions into the collar. I'm worried about how this will wash and reshape. I also just feel like it's a little boring. Verdict: on the fence. I'm gonna get Troy in on this one.

This is like the MUST HAVE Stitch Fix item. The Market and Spruce Corinna Dolman Top. Everyone has one or has been sent one. They come in a bunch of colors. I kept wondering what the hubbub was all about. Well. NOW I KNOW. It is so soft and comfy. And I love that I can dress it up with a pencil skirt or dress it down with jeans. I love it. VERDICT: KEEP

These pants are another Stitch Fix staple. They are Margaret M "Emers." Everyone RAVES about them. And I was like WTF. They're pants. Pants suck. How can so many people love these and them fit every single person who tries them on? Ridiculous.

Well, jokes on me. They have this fitted band at the top and they fit like leggings, but are thicker and WAY comfy. Like dress pants, but sweat pants. It's absurd. They don't look that special from far away. I paired them with a black shirt, but I can pair them with ANY colored shirt and they would look amazing. Get ready for the close up.

BAM! How pretty are those pants? I'm serious. They're amazing. And for the price, they better be. Verdict: KEEP...with permission from Troy. They're $98. Ouch.

So there's box number 5. What do you think I should keep? Do you like the maroon shirt? What about the emers? VOTES PLEASE! Back me up!

Sign up if you like what you see, click here and make your own style profile! I get a referral credit if you click here :)


  1. I hope you keep the maroon top too! I would do this to keep from trying on stuff in a store any day especially with a young growing family.

    1. It went back. For the price of this stuff, I really have to love it and it fee special.


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