Sunday, October 11, 2015

Stitch Fix #6 - October 2015

I was SO excited to receive this fix. It came the day I came back from my trip from Seattle, so I tore into it when I got home and settled.

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Everything was SO pretty and filled with fun fall pieces for layering. I requested a pair of black skinny jeans in my note, so those came through and she sent a sweater that I had pinned on my pinterest board.

The dress, I was really excited for because Troy and I are going to a wedding in a few weeks and it looked like a winner for that.

Here is the styling card and Katie's super sweet note to me.

I loved the dress when I pulled it out. The weight of it and fabric felt really high end. It was fully lined and tailored beautifully. But when I put it on, I just felt. I dunno. Like I was going to a tennis match? The top was very sporty and did not do nice things for my already deflated chest from nursing 3 babies. Troy loved it and encouraged me to keep it. But ultimately, I don't want to pay for something that I don't feel great it. Verdict: RETURNED

This cardigan is so soft and drapes so nice. It's black and lovely. It made the dress look better. Not good enough to keep the dress. But it's a great laying piece and a nice change to the traditional button up cardigan that I have.

Also, it has pockets. I LOVE this cardigan. It's super versatile for my wardrobe. Verdict: KEEP

Next up, black skinny jeans. I paired it with my Corinna Dolman top from another fix and a pair of black boots. Yep. They're a perfect fit. They are my 3rd pair of pants I've been sent and the 3rd pair I've kept. I seriously don't know how they do that. It is so difficult for me to buy pants and they have like, these magic pants. Whatever. Keep them coming, I say. Verdict: KEEP

View from the side. Look at gaping at the waist band. They have magic stretch pants.

I put this on and wanted to keep it immediately. But I wanted to keep it because my stylist sent it to me because it was pinned on my pinterest. For some reason, I felt like since she had taken the time to look at my board and acknowledged in my note that she looked, I felt like I had to keep it out of guilt. The more I thought about it and put it on, I was like, meh. The neckline is okay. I love the colors. But ultimately, not doing much for my body and makes my boobs feel small. I don't ever want to keep something because I feel guilty. This is a service that is a luxury that I am paying for. She was doing her job. It just wasn't right for me. Verdict: RETURNED

And lastly, the bag. When I pulled it out, I thought for sure it was a keeper. Navy is an amazing color for fall and winter. And it's a great neutral. It's like blue jeans. They match everything. I'm all about streamlining the number of times I have to switch all my stuff from purse to purse. I thought it was a cross body bag. But when I took the "strap" out of the purse, there were two straps. They attached to both sides and made it a little longer for over the shoulder carrying. It was a funny length for shoulder carrying and too short to be a cross body. I prefer cross body because when I go out with the twins, they're a hot mess and we're not using a stroller anymore, so they walk and I have to hold their hands and I don't like having a bag slide down my arms into their faces. Verdict: RETURNED

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