Sunday, July 15, 2012

4th of July and Rolling in the Sand

For the 4th of July, we had a pretty uneventful day. We went to the pool. These pictures are not from the actual day, but here are some pool pictures as a representation of our schedule that day. Either way, they are pictures of Avery, so no whining :)

I got her suit on clearance at Target and just love it. Troy loves it too because I am pretty sure Avery is forbidden to wear a 2 piece until she is 30. He actually would prefer if she wore a wet suit.

She fights the hat almost the whole time. But I'm the Mom and I win. Hat stays on. She figured out how to pull the strings so that the hat comes off. We now tuck the strings into her suit in the front so they are hidden. Out of sight, out of mind.

She a fashionista. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I want her clothes in my size. Really! Some of her onesies are SO cute. And pajamas.

Then we came back to the room to change clothes. We went to Chili's with a big group of people. I worked at Chili's for 5 years in college. I LOVE CHILI'S! I think most people hate eating somewhere after working there for so long, but not this girl. It's delectable.

Then we headed out to White Sands National Park. They are giving out annual park passes to all National Parks for military members right now, fo' FREE! So we totally rocked that. 'Murika! Love it.

We took the dogs. We somehow got them all to sit still for .5 seconds. And I somehow managed to get ONE picture of all of them sitting together and not looking crazy.

Optimus looks like he has been partaking in a bit of nose candy...the sand is SUPER white.

This is crazy dog face. Also known as "very happy dog."

Avery loves dogs. She has gotten particularly good at petting them. As opposed to baby punching them. We are still working on GENTLY petting. Sometimes it still looks like slapping. Slow but steady. At least it's an open hand.

Here are all the boys.

And all the girls. Good looking group, eh?

Family picture of Avery not looking. No worries. Kristen took a bunch and I will hopefully be getting them soon and will post them on the blog when I get a chance to pick one where Avery isn't rubbing sand in her eyes, my legs don't look fat, Troy isn't wearing sunglasses and Optimus isn't slinging drool everywhere and making crazy eyes.

Love her. She had on the cutest little jean skirt.

She kept on handing everyone hand fulls of sand and I was like "Baby, you can do this forever and you'll never clean it all up." Ah well, some people are just stubborn. She gets that from Troy...

If you aren't following us on Instagram (my new favorite that we have iphones - oy vey), here are a few pictures from our trip.

This is a group picture (minus me) at the top of the hill.

She love love loved the sand. She kept rolling around in it. So cute :)

Here's Avery having a sand bath. She loves it. Her morning eye boogers were giant balls of sand. But she never cried. Big girl :)

Anyone have exciting plans for the holiday? Did you roll around in the sand? Have a bunch of dogs bounding around for an hour in the sandy desert? Do share!!


  1. haha, i love the last time she rubs her eye and everyone is just like "UGGGGH"

    1. I know...poor baby :( I thought she would start crying but she was seriously fine! If I had sand in my eye...for get about it. I'd be a mess.

  2. Admittedly, I haven't been reading your blog for all that long, but I had no idea you were right "next door" in New Mexico! (Air force, I presume?) Anyway, I had heard of White Sands Monument, but I had no idea it was so VAST. After looking at this I looked it up on Wikipedia. It looks awesome, and looks like you guys had a great time.

    Also, right with ya on Chilis. It would take a lot more than 5 years to tire of that. They're de-damn-licious!

    1. You got it. Air Force. We are on our way to Las Vegas which we are looking forward to. We are trying to take advantage of all that Alamogordo has to offer while we are here. White Sands is HUGE! I'm getting a post ready with some more pictures that my friend Karen took while we were there and she a super big nice camera so you can really see how big it is.

      ps Chili's rules. Forever.


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