Monday, July 16, 2012

Alamogordo Zoo Petting Exhibit

It is currently "monsoon season" in Alamogordo. It starts in July. When Troy told me that, I was like, oh ok right. It hadn't rained one day since I arrived. Troy had flown everyday since I arrived June 11th. The last day he flew was July 3rd. He then flew again on the 16th. It really has been yucky weather. Not raining, just overcast. We can't really hit up the pool. Because (SHOCK) it's kind of cold without sun and then you add in the crazy wind.

We were starting to get bored. So on the 9th, we decided to hit up the zoo. It was pretty much a bird exhibit. The most exciting animal they had was this. An alligator. Okay, not exactly a petting zoo exhibit, but if you ask Swamp People, they would beg to differ.

This is a black swan. He was angry. He was chasing this one duck all over.

My camera kept taking pictures and focusing on the fence. This is a picture of a monkey like Marcel from Friends.

Peacocks are so beautiful.


I don't know what this is, but his neck skin is a pretty color.

Emu with scary devil eyes. I swear, he was plotting my murder.

Avery checking out the birds.

Zack blocking the sun. So jealous that he'll wear sunglasses. Avery will not.

Our group checking out the otters.

Riding the lion.

Riding the bison.

Getting ready for a high five. She totally does it.

Happy girl in the swing. Even though the zoo was a sad, sad zoo. Avery was glad to get out of TLF. We were too.

Mostly birds, right? Lets be fair. There were some other animals there, but I couldn't get pictures because it was "too hot" for them. Like a bear, some bobcats, a cougar, and a few wolves. I have to give credit where credit is due :) I wouldn't let Avery pet those...

Anyone been to an awesome zoo? Or even an amazing petting zoo?

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