Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deceived. By Sesame Street.

Sesame Street. You pulled the wool over my eyes. I should have known.

Now, I am aware of the duplicate voices of characters done by the same actors (is that even what they are called??) on adult cartoons like South Park and Family Guy. I know. I am naive, but not that naive (I mean, I see credits sometimes). NEVER did I think they would try to fool kids. Ok, they definitely would, but at least try and disguise it a little better. Maybe I just am too gullible. Lets be honest, I know I am too gullible. Ok, watch this clip.

Now watch it again with your eyes closed. DO IT!!! DO IT NOW!!! Try not to be fooled. Whose voice is this? You already know that it is Grover's voice. But who else's voice is it? I. Was. Shocked. Who are they trying to kid? They didn't even change the voice AT ALL to make it sound like the other person! LIARS! DECEIVERS! Here I was, heating up Avery's breakfast of apple mush and all the sudden I'm like, MISS PIGGY IS NOT ON SESAME STREET!!! Are they doing a cross-over episode like when they try to get people to watch Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice to increase ratings??? What is going on!!? So I turn around and there is Grover...with Miss Piggy's voice. So THEN I look it up on IMDB. The voice is A MAN!! His name is Frank Oz. A gazillion points to the reader who knows another voice he does OTHER than Grover and Miss Piggy (there are many to choose from).

YODA!! I feel very dumb. And naive. How did I not know this??? He also does Fozzie Bear, Animal, Cookie Monster, and Bert. Any of those answers would have been acceptable. Kudos to you if you knew any of this. Maybe I am just not enough of a Star Wars geek to know this. I bet they know this :( How dumb am I? Don't answer that.

As a side note, Avery LOVES Elmo. We watch Sesame Street on Netflix for a bit in the morning and then before bed. She was having a bath the other night and the "Elmo's World" segment of the show came on. She heard it in her bath and started dancing and made her "O" face when the theme song came on. Adorable. Everything she does is adorable. Except when she wants to eat my dinner. Or doesn't want to get dressed. Or any number of things. But her Elmo dance is adorable.

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  1. I thought we were going to end it with a video of the Elmo dance. Womp Womp.


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