Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ask and You Shall Receive!

Blogging is awesome. In my 4th of July post, referring to photos, I said "Kristen took a bunch and I will hopefully be getting them soon and will post them on the blog when I get a chance to pick one where Avery isn't rubbing sand in her eyes, my legs don't look fat, Troy isn't wearing sunglasses and Optimus isn't slinging drool everywhere and making crazy eyes." No Kristen pictures yet. BUT I have discovered the awesomeness (is that a word because if not, it is now) of blogging.

One of the other girls who went, Karen, the mommy of squishable baby Zack (seen here and here) read the post and thought to herself "I took pictures of Avery too!!" And she texted me and I ran right down to her TLF and picked up her flash drive. And some ketchup. I was making meatloaf for dinner and forgot the most important ingredient. FOR SHAME!

Anyway. She took some gorgeous pictures of Avery. I just love how the shirt baby girl wore contrasts with the sand and really pops. Gorgeous!

She's inspecting the individual grains. She's my little scientist.

Look at those teeth! She looks so mischievous.

This is a great scenery shot. You really can't appreciate the sheer SIZE of White Sands without going there. This picture does a pretty great job. Well done Karen.

Sand hugging. Her new favorite hobby. She's going to be a mess when we take her to the beach. No idea when that will be. We live in a desert and are moving to Las Vegas...another desert.

LOVE HER! And yes. I am holding her arms down. She's a flailer. Again with the making up words. I'm the author. Pish posh.


*Sidenote - as long as I can remember, my mom has been getting me cards for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter, whatever. I always thought it was weird that she never signed "I love you." She always writes "I adore you." Always. I get it now Mom. I adore her. And you :)

This is my FAVORITE picture of her. I think I'm going to frame it in my house in Las Vegas. I LOVE IT!

Thank you Karen for sharing your talents. And your awesome camera. I love the pictures. They are great :) And for reading this silly blog. Otherwise I may not have gotten these pictures.

I try not to share so many pictures but I just can't help myself. She's so cute. I just want everyone to feel the joy that I feel when I look at her. Anyone else feel that way? About anything? I mean, furry babies count tooooo!! Or your favorite outfit? I get excited about school supplies. Lame. True.


  1. such awesome pictures! LOVE LOVE LOVE the 1st one of you two, both of you are so pretty :)

  2. Beautiful shots of you both. I'm so glad you get it now. I adore you....


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