Friday, July 20, 2012

Troy and Natalie Have More Fun on the Waterslide than Avery

We go to the pool several times a week. It's hot. And we literally have nothing else to do. Alamogordo rules. Did you see the sad zoo? We still went. And we knew it was going to be bad. But it was better than looking at the sad sad walls of TLF for another MINUTE!!!

Avery has recently discovered how much she loves the slide. It doesn't look like it in the video, but she points at the slide, grunts, and then pats her chest. Which is baby sign for "please." And she does it over and over with increasing insistence and irritation if you don't take her on the slide. Troy and I try and take turns. That's a lie. Troy takes her. Mostly. Because I'm vain and clumsy and cannot manage to go down the slide without completely dunking at the bottom. And then I come up sputtering like an idiot because I cannot figure out how to gracefully land at the bottom.

Some friends of ours, Stephen and Becca (we went to Roswell with them) have this awesome waterproof video camera. We decided that we would take full advantage and took video of us on the slide with Avery.

I would like you to notice several things about this video:

1. Troy's fun noise is "weeee" like the pig on the Geico commercials. I can't stop laughing because that's all I can think about while I watch this.

2. Natalie's fun noise is "yay"

3. In my video, Avery looks like she is gritting and grinding her teeth so hard it hurts.

4. I really need to give her hair a trim. She had like 6 strands of hair when she was born. They have all grown at an alarming rate and all of her other hair is still filing in. Troy keeps saying that he will clean the toilet with my toothbrush if I cut her hair. But seriously. It's like a mullet for the most part. With 6 really, really long strands in the front. So weird.


  1. Haha, it looks like you and troy are having way more fun than avery. but i'm sure she's "laughing with her eyes" how very antm of her!

    1. She really does have fun on the slide. We probably (Troy probably) takes her down about 15 times every time we go to the pool.


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