Monday, July 23, 2012

YES! More pictures of White Sands!

YAY! Got some more pictures and some of them are HILARIOUS! And awesome. Go Kristen. You also have mad skills.

I am overloading y'all with pictures from one day. Sorry. Not really. My blog. Avery just makes me smile.

Here are the boys and the babies. I love dads using baby carriers. It's just precious.

Helping baby girl walk in the sand. This was before I gave up and decided that she could go ahead and roll in it.

Really cool pictures of the sand.

It's uncharted territory. So pretty. This is what I would imagine the moon would look like. Before the astronauts landed. Maybe. There's no wind on the moon. So maybe there wouldn't be dunes. Anyway...

Family photo! Nice work Kristen!!

No baby punching here! She's hugging Bella. Bella loves Avery. It's so sweet.

I LOVE THIS! I busted out laughing when I saw it. Kristen looks so happy and Bella is like "WHAT IS THIS ALL OVER MY FACE!?!?!"

Avery eating sand. Attempt at family photo 1. And Optimus is missing.

I think I am probably jiggling Avery to get her to smile. The camera caught me in mid "YAY white sands!!" And Troy is trying to keep happy dog from running away. Awkward strain in his face. You may not see it, but I do.

This one is ok too. Awkward underside of my neck. I think my favorite one is the above one. Any votes for which one should go in the house?

This might be my favorite. Avery looks SO happy. And they look like a professional cheerleading team. So cute :) Troy saw this picture and was like "Whoa. I didn't realize I was throwing her up so high. I'm a good parent I swear." He caught her every time. Don't worry.

Ok I'm done with White Sands 4th of July pictures. For real. But aren't they precious??

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