Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Color Decisions and Art

I did a post a few weeks ago on our new house with the floor plan and plans for things we had changed, plans for things to do. Just to refresh your memory, here is the floor plan layout.

The upstairs loft is the lucky recipient of our current living room furniture. We love love love that furniture. We are putting it up there for several reasons.

1. The laundry room is upstairs. We need some comfy furniture to sit on and relax on because I am sure I will be spending a lot of time up there. Playing with Avery, doing laundry, hanging out during nap time.

2. The loft is going to be the playroom. I don't want our house to look like a daycare blew up inside of it so Troy and I decided that we are going to attempt to keep most of Avery's toys upstairs and rotate a few things downstairs in storage bins to keep her stuff from taking over adult areas. We'll see how that goes.

3. The size of that stuff is not appropriate for the family room downstairs. That room is HUGE! This house and it's general dimensions are significantly larger than anything we have lived in. It's almost 2700 square feet. The 2 houses we have lived in prior to this were 1400 and 1250 square feet. The general dimensions of EVERY room are larger.

4. We now have 3 "living rooms" to furnish. If you go back to the picture, we have the room directly to the left when you walk in. The dining room is just past that on the left, which we already have furniture for. Then there is the main family room right off the kitchen in the back of the house. Then there is the loft, where our current furniture will live. Here is the picture of our current furniture.

With that said, we currently have NOTHING for the downstairs 2 additional living areas. We that's not true. We are keeping our TV and media stand from the living room downstairs in the family room. Our TV from our bedroom is going in the loft. We only have 2 TVs and don't feel an urge to have one in our bedroom right now, especially since we have so many areas to choose from to hang out with the baby girl.

I have had a blasty blast exploring pinterest for ideas since we have so much freedom with this house. To avoid any arguments about colors or furniture, this is my current tactic. I pick out 3-4 things that I like and could totally live with. Then Troy gets to pick out of those things so that he gets to be part of the decision making process and I know I am going to end up with something that I'll love too. All images are from They take a picture and input the picture inside colortopia. Colortopia pulls out the main colors, accents, and a neutral and color matches it so you know which paint to pick or whatever. Which is awesome. I recommend everyone try it. Especially if you are color impaired. Like me.

So I pinned 3 images from the website and Troy got to pick out of the 3 which one he wanted. Here are his choices.

Which do you think he picked? He picked the middle one. I was excited because the rest of our house is pretty much shades of teal, green and brown. Adding in some red and grey seemed so bold and different. But totally doable. I read somewhere that to make your house flow, the colors of a room should be a bold, a bold, a neutral, and pastel. THEN you pick whatever one of the main colors in that room are and then use it as an accent in another room. So his choice worked perfectly for our house. We already have that same color teal in several rooms. So that is going to be our accent to give the room flow and tie into other areas.

Here are some colors I found:

I also have picked these as kind of "inspiration" pictures with colors and things that tie together our kitchen/family room area.

Here is the art that I bought. I tried to pick things that were meaningful and to help document our military moves. I LOVE this print. It's from Molly Mattin. The teal, red, green, and grey are perfect. And the other pops of color will be fun too. Some of the little cities in DE are awesome.

Troy and I never got a cutesy sign for our wedding. When I saw this, I was like, Happy 5th Anniversary to us :) The way the artist does it, you get to pick your background color and you give her all the info for what you want it to say. She was great and emailed me a couple of times. Her shop is Cedar House Keepsakes.

I found this by accident. I just typed in teal and red prints and let my eyes glaze over as I scrolled until I found something that caught my eye. I LOVE IT! The paper feels awesome. The colors are gorgeous and the artist was SO quick. Her shop is called Mandipidy. I also loved this because I was in the play "Guys and Dolls" in middle school (my first play) and this was my favorite song in the musical. So now we have a print of the song.

The last print I bought was to document our short PCS to San Antonio. I didn't want all the prints from our moves to be the same, although I considered getting one like the Delaware one, but for Texas. However, Delaware is small and Troy and I pretty much saw the whole state. I don't know if you know this, but Texas is HUUUUUGE! And we only saw San Antonio and went to Dallas for a weekend in the 6 months that we lived there. So a print just of the San Antonio area seemed more appropriate. I really really like it. It's very graphic and contemporary. It's just the skyline, but it's really awesome. It's from DB Artist. There are TONS of skylines to pick from in different large cities AND you get to pick the color background that you want your print to have.

Troy really wants me to find something from New Mexico, but I am kind of on the fence about it. When it comes down to it, Troy will have lived here for almost the same amount of time that we lived in San Antonio. BUT IN A HOTEL ROOM!! Isn't that crazy?? That's also kind of the reason I don't want to get a picture to document our time here. Because we are staying in a hotel room. And Avery and I have only been here since June 11th. Troy was here for 2 months by himself before we arrived. What do you guys think? Yay or nay for the New Mexico picture?

So those pictures are the jumping off point/inspiration for our kitchen/family room space that you can see in the floor plan up top. We are looking for a big sectional and fun rug in there too because the floor in there is tile. Not fun for toddler knees and mommy bottoms. And if you didn't already know, when you have young kids, you spend A TON of time on the floor playing and crawling around.

We have a HUGE list of things to do/buy. Well I have a ton of stuff. Troy has a few priority items. And lets be honest, they are really important. But craigslist and I are super friends and I think I can get a lot of the "we don't need that right now Natalie" items for a slamming good deal. I'll be back with that tomorrow as well as a recent purchase for our house was made that my Dad will be helping us install :) YAY for some progress. Even though we aren't there yet. So sad. Catch ya later!

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  1. Yes to the NM art, it was a part of your story - you should have at least a little something to represent it.

    Love the colors!!


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