Friday, August 31, 2012

Vegas Adventures Visitor #2 - Kyle!

Who was visitor #1? My dad! He came to visit while we were moving in and we basically put him to work. He drove from California and will be with us about once a month, which is amazing! LOVE YOU!

We have known Kyle a long time. I met him in 6th grade and Troy met him in church around the same time. Kyle was our "one degree." Kyle was there when Troy and I finally met at church youth group right before the start of junior year of high school in the back of a church van. That sounds bad, but it was all very innocent. Mini golf. Kyle was also the best man in our wedding. I hadn't seen Kyle since WAY before Avery was born. Troy saw Kyle last summer when he was in Colorado for part of his training. They did man stuff. Hiking. Camping. You know. General man merriment. Kyle and Troy still talk about the summer of their junior year in college when Troy when to California they somehow managed squeeze rock climbing, surfing and skiing (or in Troy's case snowboarding) in one week. Apparently they spent a lot of time in the car jamming to Rascal Flatts. Harmonizing. I'm serious. I love them :) Kyle had never met Avery until last weekend. Anyway, so now you know the background.

Kyle flew in on friday morning on Allegiant Air from Colorado. 113$ ROUND TRIP! That is straight up crazy. He is (successfully) convincing us to fly out and visit him before next summer. Especially at those prices. Hello cheap weekend trip!

Anyway...he flew out early friday morning and arrived at the house by about 1230. Apparently he and Troy took a few wrong turns on the way home from the airport. He better figure that out before other people fly in. It was his first time driving to and from the airport so I guess it's excusable. That's a lie. He picked me the dark, it was almost 11pm. So it was his first time in the daylight. So that's excusable?? We'll say it is.

Unfortunately for Kyle, we arranged to have our security system put in that day. For whatever reason, I am really uncomfortable having work done on the house when Troy isn't home and I am alone with Avery. The guy was here installing the system for about 4 hours. Which means the guys were stuck home with me and Avery. So we hung out, caught up, and Avery and Kyle played on his ipad together.

We had some friends over for dinner (we grilled and made teriyaki steak kabobs) and had game night. If you haven't played "Who, What, Where" you are missing out. It is like Pictionary but WAY better. Take my word for it. Get it. It's hilarious.

We also played a game called "Awkward Family Photos." You have seen the website...

Here is a sampling of what you might draw on the "subject card" (from

Everyone gawks and laughs at the picture and then a number is rolled. The number on the die from 1 to 20. A question along the edge of the game board aligns with a number. The questions are "what did someone say right before this picture" or "what could make this photo more ridiculous" or "what product is this photo an advertisement for." And everyone submits a response. The person whose turn it is, selects the best answer (it's more than likely the funniest answer) and you get points based on if your answer is picked or the selector can pick who wrote which answer. It's great.

On saturday morning, the guys went out with Optimus to Red Rocks, to check out a hiking trail and camp site. We went to an AWESOME restaurant called the HashHouse as well. No joke, Troy and I are taking EVERY SINGLE PERSON who visits us here. The food is awesome. Quality AND quantity. Each dish is enough for 3 people and is between 10-14$ per entree. It's awesome.

Saturday night, we went down to the Fremont Street Experience. They do ziplining down the middle of the street and have live music.

You can buy girly drinks and walk down the middle of the street.

You can buy random stuff. My favorites were this onesie:

And these GIANT balls. So to speak. On a necklace.

There are people dressed up like famous people. We saw Stevie Wonder, Spongebob, Michael Jackson and Elvis. And a man who had a puppet/ventriloquist. So creepy. The puppet talked to Avery. Troy stopped because she was entranced and I was all "dude keep walking" like a ventriloquist without my mouth moving because I was afraid of offending his career. Ugh.

When we got there, Kyle was like, "I always feel like when I come to Vegas, I'm going to see someone I know." And me and Troy were like, "oh okay, whatever, where's the beer?" Then what happens?? We are in a crosswalk with our drinks and "KYLE!!" Are. You. Kidding. ME? Someone from where Kyle went to college stopped him in the middle of the street to chat. It was crazy.

THIS PLACE is also there. If you weigh 350+ lbs, you eat for free. There is a scale in front of the door to go inside. We peeked in the window and it's HILARIOUS. You go in and put on a hospital gown. Rather than a bib napkin or something. All of the servers are wearing nurse uniforms. I can't take it. SO FUNNY! Does anyone remember seeing the news report a few months ago? About the person who actually had a heart attack while eating there? No lie, I actually want to eat there to take pictures and say that I did it.

On sunday we went for a short hike with Avery at Mt. Charleston. It was pretty. I forgot to take pictures :( And about 20 degrees cooler than Vegas. Optimus loved it and so did Avery. We wore her in the Ergo carrier on our backs.

Then we ran out to REI. Troy and I are going to be taking advantage of some of the outdoor activities and escape the heat with the hiking and need to invest in a nicer outdoor carrier. We put on some carriers and carted Avery around the store for a while and picked out a book of trail maps.

THEN WE WENT TO TRADER JOES!!! And bought about 5 bottles of 2 Buck Chucks. A 7$ HUGE bottle of olive oil, some super awesome organic fruits and veggies, and frozen sweet potato fries. I have tried other brands of sweet potato fries and want to like them. But I can't. Trader Joe's Frozen Sweet Potato fries are the best on the market. I'm going on record. It's on the internet now so that means it's official.

Then we hung out sunday night and chatted after Avery went to bed. Until 430. IN THE MORNING! Why don't those "good talks" ever happen on a friday or saturday when no one has to be at the airport at 6 in the morning? Or at work? WHY??

So monday was bad. Troy went to work. When Avery woke up at 730, I got up and immediately went to a friends house for the morning until Avery's nap. Because I would have had an unsupervised child while I slept on the couch if I had not had some accountability. So thank you Chelsea for that.

Overall, we had a great visit with Kyle and can't wait to see him in Vegas again in November.

Who is our next visitor??? I DON'T KNOW! Is it you? Give us a call! We even do transportation to/from the airport. You might get lost, but it will be a free tour of the strip! Win win!

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